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Forums - Sales Discussion - Is It Possible For The PS4 To Outsell XB1 In NA This Yr And Lifetime... I Believe So!


Iz it possible for the PS4 to outsell the XB1 In NA this year and next gen?

yes 210 75.54%
maybe 29 10.43%
no 26 9.35%
i think the WiiU will sell the most in NA 13 4.68%
larrysdirtydrawss said:
its certainly possible,america isnt loyal to anyone. its hitting from all angles right now.... wiiu is finishing dead last, never been more sure of anything

Yep, the top cars in America are still Japanese.

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the first to predict this way before the gen even started

update with vgc US numbers

PS4 2,080,813
XB1 1,932,865

PS4 1,794,829*
XB1 1,270,023


PS4 3,808,939

XB1 3,169,698

*won every NPD to date


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OMG, it's official, Xbox One is dead.

That's kind of a given, Americans are not as stupid as we foreigners make them to be sometimes.

PS4 has a million lead in less than a year MS better act fast if it wants a chance at this


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S.T.A.G.E. said:
Fusioncode said:
Oh easily. North America may still go to Microsoft but their inability to sell in Japan is going to give the lead to Sony. Microsoft will never have a first place console because of Japan. Now that Nintendo blew their one year lead with the WiiU, Sony should easily take the crown.

The chances are not as good as last gen that Microsoft will replicate the Xbox 360 sales in America this gen.

Haha.  I love old threads.

BHR-3 said:
PS4 has a million lead in less than a year MS better act fast if it wants a chance at this

Act fast?  They've been acting and scrounging the whole year. Throwing millions of dollars out for 3rd party exclusives, marketing with Aaron Paul, giving not 1 but 2 free games, bundles with more free games, giving out info on Twitter trying to excite some Tim guy's dog, creating cologne fragrances and price dropping every month or so and it hasn't made a lick of difference...

PS4 will outsell XBOX ONE in NA by 2:1 probabily.

I predict 2.5:1

won 2013 and 2014 totals sales in US

gap closed to about half a mill

ps4 weathered the storm from the 2014 holidays, sales stabilizing now in ps4s favor these next two years will be the most challenging


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