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Forums - Sony Discussion - Azurite Blue PS3 becomes GameStop exclusive Oct. 8

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.. Thank god its exclusive otherwise more people might have bought it..


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Areym said:

Sorry, it was me who farted...

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Now that IS blue!

I like it. Yep I am serious.

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i already have this :D

I can't seem to like that shade of blue....

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I own the exact same ps3, it's beautiful :)

I wonder if this could become rare being a Gamestop only edition? I actually like the color on this but already own a PS3 slim and not sure if its worth buying another just for a color change but if it became rare could be tempting

The console's shade of blue in the OP picture looks different (lighter, brighter and a lot more saturated) from the shade of it on the box and in other articles... The darker one looks more elegant, but which is the true one?

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