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Forums - Sales Discussion - Ni no Kuni has sold 1.4 Million Units on DS and PS3

ktay95 said:
manuel said:

Yes, there was a DS version, but it's not the same game.
It's actually quite beautiful and came with an awesome spell book.

didnt that same book come with PS3s limited edition, obviously translated to English.

wish i could read Jp so i could play the DS version

yeah I have that book in English, came with the PS3 Special Edition

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bevochan said:
Wright said:

Sad that JRPGs nowadays try hard to reach one million, but good to see the support is still there.

Ni No Kuni is the exception, but recent JRPGs aren't that good anymore.  Although unfair, Final Fantasy 13 tainted and turned people off from the whole JPRG genre.  

Not at all. The reason why Final Fantasy sell where other JRPGs don't is because it actually has a decent production budget. Most JRPGS look cheap (even if they have solid gameplay). Also the generic anime style many of them adopt is not very appealing to people in the west.

I wonder if a 3DS version would make financial sense...
They could throw the translated book as a digital version on the card and make it accesible through the game itself (like the Ps3 version did it)
...I don´t think a port would be very expensive !
I would buy it !

I'm actually shocked at those "rest of the world" numbers for the PS3 version. In this day and age, a HD console JRPG that isn't Final Fantasy selling those kind of figures in US/EU is a major success.

Props to it. Still haven't gotten around to picking it up, but I intend to at some point.

Soriku said:

Nearly all JRPGs are successful before hitting 1 million, that's not a universal benchmark. 1 mil would be a big success. These overseas sales for NNK are great.

So I assume 500k is a success?

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Dat ghost. But good sales for a good game.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Wow I had no idea it would flop that hard.

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Wright said:

So I assume 500k is a success?

50k can be a success for someone like Compile Heart.

The 'Tales of' series was a massive success at ~600k domestic sales; but still seems to be doing alright at ~400k.  I'm assuming this would be in the same ballpark as those kind of figures.

As I understand it, Level 5 is basically just given a budget for whomever publisher hires them for a specific project. It doesn't matter to them whether the game sells or not since every Level-5 employee get their normal salary anyway. What matters is if publishers give them projects to work on. I see level 5 as workforce contractors.

At least this is how Platinum Games are structured. Level 5 could be different for all I know.

orniletter said:
manuel said:

Yes, there was a DS version, but it's not the same game.
It's actually quite beautiful and came with an awesome spell book.

*beautiful pics that make me regret never attempting to learn Japanese*


Wow, looks great ! Did every game come with the book or was that just a special edition ?

Every game.

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