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Bioware has announced the Mass Effect DLC that we've all known is coming.  It is moderately priced at 400 MS points (Five bucks) but what's included will make you scream... in terror that is!

The mass effect DLC is a new planet, that introduces a new alien species.  And there is a mission on that planet.  It will be available on March tenth.  That's all fine, but it will only add 90 MINUTES OF GAMEPLAY!.  So how are people reacting to this?  Is this bad or good?  I think it's horrible for ninety minutes, but I do love the game, and will probably end up buying it.

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90 minutes for $5?? Seems fair to me.

Works out to about the same as buying a 10-15hr game in terms of money spent vs gameplay time.


Well I guess I don't have to wait for Mass Effect 2 to see the Batarians after all.

Only 90 minutes seems a little weak. I'll wait for some impressions before buying.

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That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I guess it depends on how entertaining those 90 minutes are.

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well, it's almost as expensive as watching a movie in theater.

but somepeople still do it

I wouldn't though,

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kingofwale said:

well, it's almost as expensive as watching a movie in theater.

but somepeople still do it

I wouldn't though,

 Since when is 400 points ($5) equal to the ($9) it takes to see a movie these days. Hell even matinee's run from ($6.75 to $7). I mean I most certainly would like more but with all these games going for $60 with less than 10 hours of game play. $5 for 90 minutes is quite reasonable.

awesome, definitely buying it to at least support bioware :)

I can't wait! thanks DM

All you guys that are saying its too much are pretty cheap...

I won't get it as I don't like the game but if 90 mintues extra came out for Resident Evil 4...I'd spend 50 bucks to play it.