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 Chunli, Zangief, Blanka, Honda, Dhalsim and Guile are returning.





Scans from Famitsu.



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SOmething makes thing they really want to go back to the basics... Maybe they are targeting to the nostalgic gamers...

By me:

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I loved Chun Li and Guile - but as long as Ken and Ryu are there, sweet ... and E. Honda too.

I started as a Chun Li player, then Ryu and Ken. And end up Mastering Blanka And Dhalsim... So I am Very Happy to have my fighters back... Blanka addition makes me Happy.

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Awesome... I hope they bring back some street fighter alpha and SF3 players as well. they will probably have extra fighters as DLC on xbox live or

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wait, they have been gone at some point? Blasphemy!!!!! I played the original SF2 for ages. Blanka was my favourite and Chun Li always won.

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I just read in another site, releasing date: Summer 2008, not console announced yet, and they will start updating the official site this friday.


MOre Info:

Street Fighter 4(ARC/Capcom/summer '08)
* Chun Li, Zangief, Blanka, Guile, Dalsim, E. Honda

Ono interviev:
* Saving Attack:
Doesn't want it to be thought up like a critical hit
Differest from SF3 series blocking, in SF4 the spice is in the attack
* Ultra Combo
Even bigger fireworks than a super combo

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Is there any hope this will get released for Wii? The scans look like it will be on PS3/360.

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 Hey Guile, looking fabulous!

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like to play with blanka, i hope they bring back Honda too

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