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Forums - General Discussion - Mafia Round 57- Into the Void

Ok, lets get this show on the road

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Is there a reason why 2 names in the original list have different colors or just an error from copying over from another list?

Remember folks, There Is No Death In The Void.

Just a joke post I'm afraid: I rarely have enough time these days to play a game anymore.

Checking in. Let's do this.

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Well given the restrictions for a Day 1 lynch, and all of the other restrictions, like basically no giving any information about your character except the slightest of hints. The best course is probably just a No Lynch,

Just curious as to why no one else is here

I'm strangely confused. The setting is strange.

Now, people need to check in.

Sorry, I had no idea Spurge started the game up already. Anyways, checking in.

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checking in

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I'm here! Sorry for being late, looks like there's not much to catch up on though.