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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony explains why PS Plus is required for PS4 online play

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happydolphin said:
Shinobi-san said:

I reported HappyD's post Torillian....and I 100% agree with what you said. Funny enough i also dont think its bannable. But i think the agenda that Happy D came into the thread with is.

Yes, as I've already stated. I call things as they are. You reported my post but you don't think it's bannable?

Think for a second how smart that sounds.

Also, thanks Tor for saying 0 people reported when Shinobi admitted to. Real awesome stuff.

0 had reported it when I posted.  What happens after that is not something I can control.  


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Torillian said:

0 had reported it when I posted.  What happens after that is not something I can control.  

I know Tor, don't worry.

BasilZero said:

Now you are going even more off topic by insulting me, good job "Happy" Dolphin l0l.

Like I said before - you clearly came in here with the intent to derail this topic, you just dont like it when there's a positive sony thread. You want to twist and twist people's views, opinions and words to match your agenda.

Whatever happens to you after this day, you've done it to yourself by spouting your political agenda of demonizing a fanbase AND people (both of which are against the rules).

13. Insults and flaming. Attacking other users for any reason is never acceptable.

  • Do not insult someone's religion, race, sex, sexuality, nationality, political beliefs, or gaming preferences. Debate is encouraged, as is civil disagreement, but respect the beliefs and opinions of others.


You dont respect people's opinions and beliefs especially people who are fans of Sony - clear as day and night.

And how did I insult you, by saying I wouldn't like to see you as a mod, not ever? You showed so far exactly how far off from the truth you could be with your case of intent. You demonized me I didn't demonize anybody. You took one of my wall posts COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT.

If that doesn't have you convinced, you're hopeless.

You hear that Basil? You're hopeless, a lost cause. Rudisha was right.

Welp, this got out of control real quick. Significant part of that is my fault I'll admit, I should learn to just let those things go when it might derail the thread to shit. My apologies OP. If I'd known it would get this crazy I wouldn't have said something like that right before going afk.

All that said, gonna have to lock this one, not even close to on topic at this point anyway and it's mostly just a personal debate.  Everyone take a breather.

Edit: also full disclosure.  Seems Shinobisan did report that post before my post about their being no moderations, but it had already been dismissed by another mod before I came around and saw an empty mod queue.  To be fair I should have looked through the dealt with reports to see if there had been any, but didn't think of it at the time.  Live and learn.  


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this thread reminds me why I don't post much here anymore.

the last thread I posted in was about psn now requires ps+ for multiplayer.

the general consensus in there was that people weren't happy about it but they understood. there wasn't this big celebration saying YAY sony is charging for multiplayer. yet some members needed to say how sony fans are hypocrites and use it as a way to justify there dislike of fanbase when a few members at most were being truly hypocritical.

Many playstation gamers are already paying for plus. None of them are currently buying it for the multiplayer. Those gamers are buying it for things in it that they find worth paying the price for. Most because of the games they can play while a plus member. Many of them disliked that Microsoft required people to pay to play online as well as accessing things like netflix. I still dislike it. Some went to far and went after the fans paying for the service saying they were being ripped off. Live offers things that people were happy to get and in some cases weren't offered elsewhere. So for those gamers who were willing to pay for the things they wanted it didn't matter that other things wouldn't be accessible if they didn't pay they already saw a value there.

Having been a ps+ member since close to it's start and seeing how it will soon have multiplayer behind that paywall. I can see how xbox gamers were ok paying before since there were things there they wanted beyond the multiplayer and access to netflix. I still don't like the fact Microsoft required it for those, just like I dislike that Sony is now putting part of it behind the paywall. However that doesn't mean I'm suddenly going to sell all my PlayStation things in protest. I still like what I am getting and will continue to enjoy it. Sony already got me hooked on plus.

I just hope they can keep delivering the same value to it now that they will be requiring it for ps4 multilayer. Since more people will be getting it the games that are put on it will sell even less making fewer publishers willng to put the game on plus. So will there be dumbed down games? Games like starhawk where they just give the single player? or will they only put games on it that have tons of dlc? I don't know. I do know I'll be getting it whatever it is. I just hope I still find I'm getting the same value.

They would have been idiots to keep online free for the PS4. Even keeping it free for the PS3 for so many years was silly cause they could have made so much money from charging for it like MS did.


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