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burninmylight said:

I'm more confident in your numbers than tbone's, but I hope he wins. ~_~

Pikmin wasn't really that popular on the 'Cube, but I could see this being the best selling Pikmin game now that the IP has gotten more exposure through SSB and Nintendoland.

Also guys, remember that you have to consider a certain percentage of sales will be digital, meaning they can't be tracked.

I certainly expect sales to be marginally better, though it's hard to say. Sales data for Pikmin 3 has been a bit difficult to track down.

As it stands, I calculated equivalent Japanese sales from Pikmin 2 attach rates, gave them a 10% boost, and then extrapolated for US and Europe from sales distribution. I also gave Europe a bit of a boost, just because.

As far as digital goes, we agreed to set aside digital sales for the purposes of our estimations. I don't know how much of an effect it will have, in any case.

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I dont know if preorders count but i did already

325k WW

I can't see it being a high attachrate game, nor do I see many people buying a wii u to play it. I'll guess at 45k europe, 80k US and 60k japan. Hopefully the game famine the wii u has endured will mean the actual figures are higher.