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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony should buy some Cloud service: I found a good one.

kitler53 said:

well beam me aboard the hype train.

**frantically searching for the appropriate gif**


edit: nailed it.

Thanks for that! lol!

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Sony's Gaikai servers are able to be used the same way. Its up to Sony to expand them beyond game streaming. First they have to launch it though and it depends on how profitable this will be.

J_Allard said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

Dude...Sony hasn't even scratched the surface on detailing the abilities of the system they've come up with on Gaikai. We do know Sony has been interested in cloud gaming for a while. They had cloud saving on Plus for a long time bro.

Doesn't change a word I said. Cloud saving is not the same as running games via the cloud, not even close. Gaikai was not amazing performance wise before Sony bought them, and Sony has shown nothing to lead us to believe they have drastically improved. Saying the PS4 can run the same cloud powered features as Xbone just because of Gaikai is just FUD until Gaikai shows us they have stepped their game up.

I mean.. you said that since Sony bought Gaikai, that means PS4 can handle Titanfall just like Xbone. There's no guarantee that just because Sony has Gaikai that it means they have the same amount of servers, the same performance on those servers, the same price to use those servers, etc etc. Not all clouds are built the same. It would be like me saying hey Naughty Dog got Last of Us looking pretty amazing on PS3, that means MS can have Rareware make it look just as good on Xbox 360.

Dude...Gaikai might not be amazing to you as it was, but it with Sonys investments it will become more than it was. The only thing they've told us about Gaikai was in the beginning so far for the instant gaming, quicker downloads, game sharing process and the better servers at the PS4 unveiling. They said they will be talking more about Gaikai later on. Gaikai is being used to enhance the gaming process and the OS Sony is using. They will not go overboard like MS was. Sometimes restraint is a good thing and as you can see with MS lack of restraint gets you into trouble. The DRM issue was probably one of the worst backlashes in gaming history and right behind it is  RROD and then Sonys Internet hackings.

Can't see anything impressive about cloud, sorry. If it is the future, there is no point in using it in the present when it doesn't work out for everyone.

Another overhyped feature. It will be proven when a game that can be played both offline and online uses it. Right now an online only game is using it and I am sure this is not the first time either. Surely MMO's have used this before?

VGKing said:
Sony's Gaikai servers are able to be used the same way. Its up to Sony to expand them beyond game streaming. First they have to launch it though and it depends on how profitable this will be.

This. Sony had no clue what MS was going to use the cloud service for. Sony focused the Gaikai purely on the streaming and gaming process and we'll find out more about it on the way to the launch.

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" ... They [MS / Azure] will use the same servers for gaming or for business applications ... "
OMG ... they're gonna kill me with Word Documents on the Battlefield ?
Where can I preorder my copy of "COD: Powerpoint !!" :D

Gaikai is essentially the PS4's portal or mechanism for PS1-PS3 backwards compatibility. Although BC is no longer an accurate term since that meant hardware or software emulation and on the PS4, it will simply mean you can play any game made available from SCE's back catalog of games from the past 20 years.

That alone, depending upon how large the catalog is, means more to me that the ability to play games that use server side processing to assist in the computational load. We'll see how fast it really becomes relevant, as it could mean an eventual transition to an age where your "console" is nothing more than a terminal that grants access to games and services being processed at a data center filled with servers.

Currently, I'll take games processed on the hardware I have at home over that.

Personally, I'd rather see server side cloud processing being offered by Steam, so I wouldn't have to use up hundreds of GB worth of drive space for all my games (my whole catalog would be measured in TBs) and wouldn't have to keep upgrading my hardware for the best visuals. Unfortunately, that's probably not going to happen given the sheer amount of resources needed to make this work realistically on a functional level.

S.T.A.G.E. said:
psrock said:
BanTiger said:
Sony already have there own cloud service - Gaikai

Sir, you are comparing two different cloud. I'm talking about the good cloud, the cloud that enhances you and your games. Seriously.

Yes, lets join the MS propaganda party. MS and Respawn made up a bullshit lie that Titan Fall was exclusive because of Microsofts cloud features, yet the question remains as to why the 360 has it if that is the case. We all know MS moneyhatted them a long time ago before Titan Fall was ever announced. Sonys cloud features can already accomplish what Gaikai was doing and if the 360 is getting the game theres no reason the PS4 shouldn't. 

It's exclusive becuase MS shelled out money so they didn't have to do P2P matchmaking like nearly every other XBOX title. Thanx MS for bringing your MP games up to par with what I have been doing on my PC for years..... I do believe Tiatnfall is on PC as well am I not correct? Yeah that's where I'll be playing it. Cloud computing... LOL

The cloud is The new cell, used in fanboy list war but doesn't bring much to gaming in the end

J_Allard said:

If "Sony's cloud" can already accomplish what Gaikai does then why don't we have Gaikai now? Also, Titanfall is on 360 because they are using MS's cloud for that version as well.

Either way, LOL @ the idea that Gaikai is equal to the cloud infrastructure of MS, Amazon, or Google. If they had that type of setup in place, they would have been worth way more than 380 million dollars. Just look at the other thread about MS investing 700 million dollars just for one datacenter for this stuff. Sony and Gaikai are wayyyyy behind.

It doesn't need to. Gaikai is a dedicated gaming service. Those companies have cloud services for a whole range of features and MS have only recently added gaming to the list. Comparing Gaikai with the likes of Azure is like comparing a swiss army knife with a screw driver and trying to decide which is better.