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Forums - Sports Discussion - NBA Finals thread...Onto Game 7! Who wins?


Who wins the finals?

Spurs in 6 16 21.62%
Spurs in 7 16 21.62%
Heat in 7 42 56.76%


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I love this sport! Go spurs!


WOW. OT. Ridiculous game.

I'm too nervous to say this game is awesome

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-_- game 7

Allen saves the Heat. Clutch 3.

Well deserved.

Those were two CLEAR CLEAR fouls on manu and green lol

LOL its funny. If you go onto the heat forums they have been complaining about the refs all series and certainly this game. Same with the spurs fans I'm sure. Bottom line is refs always suck in basketball because its so much gray area.

But I agree, they never call a foul in the final second unless its a really hard foul. Just an unwritten rule in the NBA.

I think at this rate Lebron is going to get back to back championships. At least he'll come back to my Cleveland Cavaliers as a winner! lol