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same when i throw a nade it goes over peka

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i will play sheik more vs you next time hell! but keep in mind snake not that good vs sheik nettles > nades.

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HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! That was a lot of fun b4l, tao, and sherlock. I can't believe I won that many though... >_> Luck or was it my night? dunno... I am guessing my night since Tao's Wizard Punch failed after my shield broke... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That was freaking hysterical... I was nearly chocking from laughing so hard. My Captain Falcon is not too shabby. Not the best, but not bad.

Yea very fun games falconizing ppl just gives you a nice tingy sensational feeling when u get the ko .....although I barely won any tonight -_- evil person above was being greedy with the wins .

luinil and b4l are tough, they both used poor princess as a punching bag lol.

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@ twit was getting lag that last game i could not jump peak rng attk you at all.

@ hell marth is peak worst mach up lol was i spaming my joult too much i was only trying to use it as spression.

For the life of me i cant get grabs off peak rng attk and i cant do his buffer grab right. Some one help me!

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I think something may be off with connection today. Even my duels with Shea were laggier than usual.>.>

Anyways for the pika chaingrab, just press the grab button during the last few frames of the D-throw. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to do it online, though. It's way too hard and will screw up your timing offline. So just practice it offline.

Full hop tbolt > grab is all a matter of spacing and punishing your opponent.Similar to Mario's fire ball. Approach the opponent with a full hop and a quick tbolt. Then run and grab your opponent's shield.Be wary, though. A lot of chars like Wolf and Marth have aerials that can cancel your tbolts. Also there are more appl;ications than combing into a grab, such as Full hope tbolt > QAC > pretty much anything,

Ya QAC is something i need to work on badly i gimp my self a lot messing it up. Any way so now i can play chater from tear ABCDE ok! no S realy hmmm...

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I just noticed they changed the recommended starter/counter/ban stage list on smashboards. Huzzah for stages I'll no longer have to practice!

Final Destination
Yoshi's Island

Castle Siege
Lylat Cruise
Pokémon Stadium 1

Delfino (moved from S/C)
Frigate Orpheon
Jungle Japes
Pirate Ship
Pokémon Stadium 2
Rainbow Cruise

Distant Planet (moved from C)
Green Greens
Luigi's Mansion (moved from C)
Port Town Aero Dive
Yoshi's Island (Pipes) (moved from C)
Norfair (moved from C)

Big Blue
Bridge of Eldin
Corneria (moved from C)
Flat Zone 2
Green Hill Zone (moved from C)
Hyrule Temple
Mario Bros.
Mario Circuit (moved from C/B)
Mushroomy Kingdom I
Mushroomy Kingdom II
New Pork City
Onett (moved from C/B)
Rumble Falls
Shadow Moses
Skyworld (moved from C/B)
Spear Pillar
The Summit
Wario Ware

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The culmination of last night's brawls... CF's 3 Up-B's in a row on b4l for the win.

It was a good night to fight. Iclim's Marth is troublesome. B's CF is good, but loses to my CF in duels. Sherlock needs some more practice, but is improving a little.