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Are you jumping out because of the loss of free multiplayer?

Yes 191 17.83%
No 708 66.11%
See Results 172 16.06%

Actually, because of the share and social features I expected it... that has costs associated to it

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joemanuel222 said:
lol well now sony fanboys accept this because sony is doing it lol
they are the most pathetic of them all.

You joined the site just to post this?

How about this: Now that Sony is doing it, M$ fanboys consider it a problem? What happened to you get what you pay for and all the other justifications for XBL gold's price?

PS+ has an obvious justification if you didn't notice. Read the price tag of the console.

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I'm fine with that.


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Its funny how people used to the whole free online as a weapon and the main reason why they bought a ps3 now that its gone it doesn't matter.  Hypocrites lol

I found paid multiplayer to be the one major annoyance from that conference. While I can understand the decision to do so, I can't say that I agree.

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Wait wait wait wait..

It's not online's multiplayer period? even local? Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

darkknightkryta said:
Michael-5 said:

I hope they make a feasible monthly plan, I only play online for a month or two at a time between 6-15 months of offline. So an annual plan doesn't work for me

If there is no short term plan, I'll have to hold off my PS4 purchase to offset this extra fee.

Still, nice to hear PS4 plays retail games forever.

PS + has a 3 month option for like 13 bucks or something.  My friend actually did that to play Monkey Island.  

@OP.  I'm seveely disappointed.  I understand a fee for Destiny, Elder Scroll, or other titles that needs a server for persistant gameplay.  But something like Street Fighter where it can be done P2P, there should be no need for subscription.  This soured the entire conference for me.  Sad cause I don't think I'd actually let my subscription expire since I get so much out of plus, but I am soo disappointed with this.

Well, that's not too bad then . I don't have a PS3 atm (getting one this fall when the sales start), but I hear PS+ gives you a lot of free games and discounts. $13 for 3 months isn't too bad, I'll likely pick up a couple old games in the process.

Problem solved, excited about PS4 now, but I still have to wait on it. Never had any good experiences with Non-Nintendo 1st gen consoles (they all broke on me). Plus, since I'm getting a PS3 this fall, I need at least a year to go through all the games I missed out on, especially The Last of Us and Gran Turismo 6.

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Otakumegane said:
Wait wait wait wait..

It's not online's multiplayer period? even local?

only online and just for multiplayer. Other services like netflix don't need PSN+ subscription. So still better than XBL.

scat398 said:
And the hypocrisy of a million Sony fans begins....

With that being said this definitely the right move for Sony. It will give them the level playing field they have desperately needed with Xbox live and pricing. Ms has been able to use live as huge leverage on the financial end to keep profits up and price low.

This is a good move by Sony just a lot of fans are going to have to eat some crow.

lol seriously :) I'm looking at the lot of replies here... Those people argued few months ago about Xbox Live and the fact that online multiplayer should be FREE not matter what.

UltimateUnknown said:
greenmedic88 said:
PSN+ is a great value, assuming you play the games of the month, but I'm wondering right now how that's going to work given that PS3 games won't play on PS4 hardware (PSN games too since they're based on the same architecture).

So either Sony has free PS4 games available to subscribers on day 1 (seems unlikely) or you're going to be playing your free PSN+ games on your old PS3 and your PSV, assuming you have either.

I've never kept my PSN+ consistent because frankly, I just don't play enough games to go through the free ones given the size of my back catalog of games. I generally only found myself doing 3 month subscriptions when I wanted to take advantage of the PSN+ discounts, which of course are another big bonus/value to the service that is often overlooked.

They're giving drive club for free on day one on consoles if you have PS Plus. I think that's what I saw anyway. They'll follow on with some of those indie games you saw by giving them for free. I imagine it'll just be PS4 games and maybe later when Gaikai comes along, they may give PS3 games again on Gaikai.

So there will be something on launch at least. I'd be able to take advantage of the PS3 and PSV titles, but naturally, I'm going to want to play more things on the new system.

The Gaikai service is what really has the potential to make PSN interesting, if they realize that goal of being able to make most of the back catalog of all PS games through the PS3 available via cloud. Technically, they don't need to make Gaikai a part of PSN+ given that consumers will presumably be paying for licenses on a per game basis anyway, but who knows how they're going to work those details out. Lot of unanswered questions yet.