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I thought Nintendo always made sure their games were 100% finished and polished. Heck they've even delayed games for years to make sure this is the case. So what happened with the newest Luigi's Mansion? While the game is awesomazing n fun (hence why I still play it despite the about to be mentioned problem), it's littered with glitches, and not just minor eye candy glitches a typical game has, but dozens of game ending glitches aswell. Most of them are in the multiplayer, but single player has a few of them aswell, namely getting stuck inside or behind furniture which have forced me to reset entire missions a couple times. I even heard that if you quit during the final mission/boss before completing it the first time, you'll never be able to beat the game on that file, EVER! (Unless you delete n start over of course, which sucks massively.) 

Now the multiplayer just has it bad, REAL bad. I swear I'm finding new glitches every play session. There are so many game over glitches and that number keeps increasing. The missing key glitch, the boss that wont appear, Darklights failings, Vacuums failings, random disconnects/system resets, impossible map lay outs, and more. Just the other day I encoutered a Gobber boss who did appear, but then turned invisible permanently (Gobbers don't go invisible) and didn't make sound or attack, but I couldn't walk through where he was as if there was an invisible wall there. I could still try sucking him up, or rather thin air, but there was no life counter and me n my teamates were sucking for way longer than his health woulda allowed. 

So yeah, I don't think it needs to be said that a patch needs to made for this game ASAP. Nintendo has to be aware of all the glitches by now and best be working on a fix. How Nintendo even thought it was ok to release this game in it's current state is beyond me. You'd think they would of had it tested first among other things, but meh enough of that little rant. Sorry about that but I just felt like I had to get that off my chest (there's worse to come though hehe)). Plus I'm 101% sure that many others if not everyone who has the game feels similarly. Anywho, feel free to post your LM2 glitch experiences/rants and any news you find of a patch!

Oh, and I have one question! I recently realised LM2 is actually called LM2 everywhere except the U.S., where it's called LM:Dark Moon. Any ideas as to why that is?

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Never had an issue with the game... seriously have no idea what you are ranting about..

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Has anyone found a shadow of Luigi hanging himself in LM2 yet?

The worst "glitch" that ever happened to me was getting stuck behind a rock for a few seconds before having my position automatically reset. I echo that I have no idea what you're talking about.

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It's easily possible to get through the single player with no issues, but get on the multiplayer and you'll soon see what I'm getting at as that's where most of the glitches are as said in the OP.

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Haven't gotten any issues either.

Granted I didn't play the multiplayer mode yet (also not as singleplayer) but the main story mode has been flawless for me. I read that the game could freeze up if you flash right into the camera (so basically, if you blind yourself). So I tried that a hundred times; nothing.

Hmm, I'm almost done with the game and haven't experienced any problems other than the occasional heart getting trapped behind/underneath something and becoming unobtainable. I haven't played the multiplayer yet, though...

There are no glitches in this game. This is just a typical rant of a Nintendo basher.

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Well, the game was developed by Next Level Games not by EAD.

Well like I said, you gotta play the multiplayer. You don't have to beat the game first to do so.

Play the multiplayer!

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