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Nice to see both versions of GE2 duking it out :)

Monster Hunter Beasting Again!!!!

just not as Much O.o

GE2 is a battle against itself lol, vita will come out on top! Pokemon coming up also Corocoro scans will leak between tomorrow thru Saturday! Pokemon x/y will get so much hype

italo244 said:
Michael-5 said:
italo244 said:
Michael-5 said:

OH I get it now. Maybe make the X axis "Days Left" then, I don't know what 85 is the last number there.

Its because i got the pre orders from God Eater Burst 115 days before release, so i still need to add more 30 days to this graph. God Eater 2 was made available to preorder more than a month if we compare with God Eater Burst. 

I'm confused again, if you got GEB pre orders 115 days before release, shouldn't it's pre-order numbers start at 1 then? Wouldn't it make much more sense to start at 115 (Days to Release) and end at 1, thus matching info from the COMG chart?

Do you mean " GE2 was made available to preorder more then a month before if we compare to GEB"? If that's the case.....oh wait, now I get it.

It would make a lot more sense if you flipped the X-Axis values. 1 should be 1 day left, not 1st day of tracking to 115 days.

Yeah, would make a lot of more sense if it start at 115 and end at 1, but i dont know how to do that, thats the problem xD
Also, you understood, a month before if we compare to GEB.

Now I get it...wait....MY TREE!!!!

Yea, now I get it. When GE2 approaches GEB, I would recommend removing the daily figure. It's amazing that the game is so far outpacing GEB, and it's doing it on two separate platforms.

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god eater bigger than final fantasy now aye. sheesh sqenix only have themselves to blame I suppose

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Amazing, a dead heat at the 100 day mark between the two versions of God Eater 2. This is kind of fun, though I'm hoping a few people pull out of their PSP pre-orders closer to release day in order to grab a Vita/GE2 bundle.

Bet the same guy pre-ordered GTA5 and BF4.

I can't help but wonder what kind of numbers Jojo's will end up with.

God Eater 2 above Monster Hunter 4 today :P

Boutros said:
God Eater 2 above Monster Hunter 4 today :P


4 days ladies and gentlemen, this thread gonna explode!

GE2 is pulling off some fantastic numbers. Can't believe it still has a 100 days left!