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Forums - Website Topics - Why is leo-j unbanned?

He should at least be banned for 1 week. I don't care if we unban him from those extra 35 days (which is a little uncalled for, but whatever he still lied about the wii so he gets what is coming).

I mean they unban Leo-J from a bet he lost, yet dtewi is till banned for 45 days, and i'm sure he'll be banned for all of them.

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Here I was hoping of catching up to his post count! There goes that idea shot to the lake of fire.

How is he back? loses bet=ban

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gebx said:
Squall_Leonhart said:
Because he is amazing, thats why! lol

It's seriously time to ban some of the ninty fans for a change, they have had it too good for too long lol

Yeah, lets ban them not because they deserve it, but because they're Ninty fans. This forum does have "equal opportunity banning" right?


 fixed. XD

maybe there a glitch in the system.

I rebanned him... with a threat to other mods NOT to unban him before the date he is auto-unbanned.

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ban him again

Soriku said:
He was banned till March...

...What happened?

 I wonder the same thing, he lost a bed + spamming??

 That was a 43 day ban...  but oh well..

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ssj12 said:
I rebanned him... with a threat to other mods NOT to unban him before the date he is auto-unbanned.

 Thats the best... if not everybody will lost the respect for the system and bets.

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leo-j always gets unbanned automatically when the matrix notices an imbalance in this forum due to Soriku's strong presence.

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