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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Xbox 360's Moore thinks Wii is less!!!

mrstickball said:
...Exactly where is Moore's point invalid. He has a very valid point about Wii sales: Will they continue at breakneck pacing, showing that the Wiimote is not just a gimmick device.

Funny thing about this is, I wonder why it is that the Wii HAS to continue to outstrip demand forever just to NOT be considered a gimmick. How is that in any way fair? The PS2 started off great, then i leveled off after launch hype and just continued to do well for 6+ years. Why would the Wii 'leveling' off automatically make it a gimmick? This is a very common train of thought here too. Look at how closely people here are watching Itrackr to see when the Wii is finally meeting demand. The second that the Wii can reliably be gotten off of a store shelf without lining up at 8am, it will be trumpeted as "the end". Even if it is still managing to outsell the competition 2 to 1 across the globe. I'm sorry but its time to wake up. Still being supply constrained on May 1st 2007 does not count as:
It's done incredibly well at the holiday period
The holiday period is long gone. The normal launch hype period is long gone. Now is not the time to ask, "Will it have legs?" That just makes you look ridiculous when we are 7months from launch and they cant be found on shelves. It doesn't seem right to ask how long it can last. I think its better to ask, how long before it shows that it is actually MORTAL. I'm ranting now, but whatever. Ive just gotten a little tired of this 'window' of allowance given to the Wii being expanded month by month. When it boomed at launch it was (wait until launch hype dies) then it was (wait until AFTER Christmas, lolz everyone sells during teh Christmas thats nothing special), then after Jan NPD it was (wait until this months numbers. VF5 and Crackdown and all Wii has is cooking mama lolz, sales are gonna dive so hard) then it was (OMG did you SEE LBP! and HOME? YARLY this is living!) Now everyone has extended the grace period to "Deep in the life cycle"? What did they get tired of having to re adjust themselves after each months NPD? So now this guy comes and throws the benchmark out another 4 to 5 years? ...

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Then along came Toyota and sold better vehicles at a higher price but continued to grab more and more market share as Ford struggled to survive.

Shane said:
Then along came Toyota and sold better vehicles at a higher price but continued to grab more and more market share as Ford struggled to survive.

If you look at the History of Toyota you will realize that selling vehicles at a "Higher Price" is a reasonably new development; only after American automobile manufacturers lost sight on what consumers actually wanted and began offering incentives (and selling vehicles below cost)  has Toyota became more expensive than American automobiles.

Anyways ...

What seems to have been missed is the point of the automobile analogy ... The reason I mentioned it was that the manufacturers of luxury automobiles probably did not consider the Model T a threat being that they offered "So much more" than Ford did.

Legend11 said:

Please ignore this post.

but then if I ignore this post, I can't follow what it says, so I have to read the post, so I should do what it says, so I have to ignore the post, so I can't do what it says, so I can read the post AAAARGH!

 Back on topic:
What makes you think by the time the PS2 is at mass market price anyone will want it any more? You think people will suddenly clamour for an item that has been selling like crap just because it's $200? I'm sorry, but the PS3 needs to sell well NOW. And they ARE competing with the Wii. They don't say it because they don't want to look like their competitor is outselling them 2:1 WW but the truth is Sony and Microsoft are competing with the Wii. Not only will some people who may have bought a PS3/Xbox buy a Wii instead (I know of 3 or 4 people who have done just that), but those who buy both will only have a limited amount of money to spend on games. They compete in the video games console market along with the DS, the PSP, and the PS2. Anyone who says otherwise is just trying to rationalise their poor sales.

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Well, Moore is so big chief, that his holidays can last as long as he wants to. A little history behind Moores statement, and the propable reason why 1UP asked Moore about it, was last year when M$ didn't see Wii as a threat, Moore said Wii being clever and he could even buy one. The whole Wii60 idea came from Micro$oft, when their main purpose was to bash PS3:s sales. After they saw how Wii was going to sell, M$ has been retracting their Wii60 statements. Anyway all the consoles are competing from the same consumers, even the handheld sales eat home consoles sales. Even that Nintendo has announced Wiis target group being outside the core gaming audience, this doesn't mean core gamers wouldn't buy the Wii. But points to Moore about an answer, that didn't make him look stupid. Btw. Let's hope for Moores sake that 360 doesn't get more multiplatform games, otherwise he is going to be the most tattooed guy on earth. Think the moment when Moore takes his shirt off just to show "My little pony" or "Spongebob" tattoo in his back. @mrstickball: the biggest wonder in the Jaguar was its 64 bits, when it had 16 bit processor. About those cars. When Toyota started to manufacture cars, it did not make more expensive cars than Ford, it made cars more appealing to wide audience than Ford. Ford had already added features to their cars, that made them more expensive and Toyota more like hit the blue ocean with its cars. The same thing is happening now in the car industry, Korean and Chinese cars (like Kia and Chevrolet) are hitting the market with low pricepoint and long warranty. And look at how Daimler (-Chrysler) have changed their strategy to hit the market, A-Series (and B) Mercedes. Smaller cars than usual with smaller price than usual and you still get to drive the MB.

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