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ethomaz said:
Soundwave said:
According to Valve that's not a real Steambox.

Anyway the "official" Steam Box will not be too differente than Piston...

There is no single "Steambox" as far as I can tell, there will be new models every year, much like the iPhone or tablet model. 

Perhaps Steam will even allow simple hardware upgrades too. A console, once you get it, that's basically all she wrote for the next 6 years. 

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Talal said:
I hope AMD destroys them. :p

right now it looks more like AMD will soon be bankrupt and we will be blessed with more $600/1000 GPUs, the joy

Soundwave said:

There is no single "Steambox" as far as I can tell, there will be new models every year, much like the iPhone or tablet model.

Perhaps Steam will even allow simple hardware upgrades too. A console, once you get it, that's basically all she wrote for the next 6 years.

No body will upgrade a Steam Box and the parts are custom... so even more expensive than PC parts.

Semms like the guys have no ideia whar the Steam Box is.

Soundwave said:
VGKing said:
Soundwave said:

Steam Box will be interesting, it should be more powerful than the 720 or PS4 and have cheaper games.

Sony has Uncharted and Gran Turismo and MS has Halo and Gears but valve is no push over with Half-Life, Portal, etc.

The first Steambox is already up for pre-order. It'll cost you $999. NO, I'm not joking.

According to Valve that's not a real Steambox. 

Not an official one from Valve, but it's still a Steambox. 

Sounds like Nvidia needs a fresh box of tissues 2 help wipe those tears away. They be acting a tad butt hurt as of late.


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CPU is obviously shit, no one is surprised by that, and frankly I'm glad I won't have to worry about being bottlenecked by my CPU in 2 years or so for the vast majority of games.

 The GPU is a solid mid range card until the end of the year when the new cards come out though, which has always been par of the course for consoles. 8gb of GDDR5 is really really nice despite what the naysayers would have you believe considering no matter how much you even want to pay on the AMD side, you literally can't even get 4gb on a 7970, their top card.

On the Nvidia side... Well, you certainly pay the price...

superchunk said:
Scoobes said:

I thought they planned to release a desktop equivalent in the 7790?,21447.html

Similar tech, but watered down... which is what they do for mobile series chips.

The APU or Fusion technology always has AMDs equivalent mobile tech. Thats how they get the size and power requirements.

So yes, the APU in the PS4 is the graphical technology equivalent of a HD77XX or HD77XX, but it would have the "M" moniker at the end of the label to denote that it is the mobile series variant.

This is why Nvidia is saying its a low/mid end GPU yet we know its based on a HD7XXX chip. Its a HD7XXXM GPU.

My $700 PC runs a 7850 with a 3470 intel CPU. Both much better than what's on the PS4 then. So it doesn't need to be a $1200 computer. You can do the PS4 specs for $400, I guess.

This guy tony looks weird lol give it up ninvida you lost with your over priced gpus


Shinobi-san said:
To call the PS4 a low-mid ranged PC is crazy.

In realistic gaming performance i would rather classify it as a mid-high PC. Just based on the theoretical power of the hardware, as well as the design of the device to cater for gaming.

People don't seem to understand that when you talk about low end PC's, you talking about the lowest performing parts. Parts that are not really specifically geared towards gaming. Current APU solutions from AMD and intel HD graphics for example is what i would say is "low - end" in terms of gaming obviously. Then i would be looking at discrete gpus such as the GTX550ti as a low-mid randged gpu, a solid card that can play most games at decent settings (not the latest titles tho). I would then say a 560ti moves to the mid range segment. Which is a serious jump up from a 550ti or similar bracket. And then 7850, 7870, GTX660, 660ti as mid - high cards.

Anything above that currently is a high end card. Theres just no other way to classify these cards based on real world gaming performance, price and theoretical power.

So im seriously struggling to make the jump here? And why are so many tech minded people just going along with this? How on earth does a 7850, 7870, 7970M hybrid gpu fall into the low end category at all???? Taking into account what we know of real world gaming performance benchmarks.

There's that and not having to deal with big overheads like on PC (Windows OS, DX). Having low level access API on the platform and a single target spec means that devs get more performance out of it compared to an equivalent spec PC (up to 2x according to John Carmack). And is able to "code to metal".

NiKKoM said:
Please.. people saying that Nvidia is butthurt... they just didn't want to develop for those consoles cause they have Project Shield which clearly is gonna crush all those AMD machines...

Wait... Do you actually think Project Shield will achieve any kind of relevance on the market?