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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How much will Dragon Quest X impact Wii U sales?

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Probably 50k software-wise and 2x hardware-wise, that's 10k more! :) That much.

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if stupid SE didn't decide to go the MMORPG way then it would have done a lot better both on Wii and on WiiU

I don't see it doing much for the WiiU honestly

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Meret said:
@Pavolink Yeah, but maybe Media Create will provide data w/full analyse of console perfomance that week. How much DQX bundle sold, etc (Usually MC post such a data about games/systems in a few days after regular weekly charts). For example, PS Vita Ice Cilver sold 15K last week (Sony shipped 30K).

I hope so. It would be interesting to know how much is selling this version.

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@Jumpin: People aren't unaware of DQ's popularity, but they're aware of DQX's popularity on Wii, that this is a late port, that this is an MMO, and the fact that WiiU isn't even close to being as popular as Wii was. Not only that, but also this: (check the last pages)

I can't see it doing anything for the system. I wouldn't be surprised if it lost sales. I will be buying this game if it comes to america but I will be in the minority. I don't see this doing well even in Japan.

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It'll have the same impact Dragon Quest Swords had on Wii sales.

Meret said:
IsawYoshi said:

Hopefully the bundle might do something, but looking at MH3 I can't say I'm sure.

? MH played its role during launch week of Wii U. There's reports about bundle sold out and its not selling anymore in many stores like regular bundles.

Also, it's a third version of MH3 (Wii, 3DS, WiiU). Everbody tired of MH3 already (I'm even not counting 3rd and 3rd HD games was released on Sony platforms). But even so, It sold 200K on Wii U (not counting digital sales from eShop) with userbase of 800K users, and Capcom said its a "hit". For example, MH 3rd HD sold 500K on PS3 with userbase of 6,5 -7 million.

I am fully aware of that, but you can still see a similarity. You also need to remember that this is an MMO.

Not much tbh. Preorders are already law, and I don't think there are more people who want the game who don't already own the first one.

A small burst but probably not much more then adding 150K at most for that first week.

Probably less, I don't think outside of Gamepad functionality and improved graphics the game is really going to drive people to try to pick it up. Monster Hunter 3G HD didn't although really that was another graphically superior port of a updated port.

Probably not much, ports just have a limited appeal :/