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-_- Thank you for wasting my time.

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if fifa doesnt come to WiiU then its another blow to nintendo in the europe market.

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Definitely suspicious but I would say it's more likely that they made the business decision not to release them. They probably didn't expect much of a profit so they canned the games.

Brutal exposure.

Do we still need proof 25 years later?

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I dont think EA Crytek could've taken the risk seeing the sales of past games that went multiplat with the PS3/360 Nintendo by default would sell quite a bit lower because of lower installed base. Activision could afford to take the risk but not EA.

If it's true and Crytek does run on the system, then...why not release it after all that work? Seems a bit mad if you ask me.

Also, if FIFA doesn't come to the Wii U THEN we can say something's up.


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Has nothing to do with SALES cause the games they launched the console with were gimped versions. All they did was port over Fifa 12 and change the logo to Fifa 13 (im being dead serious i kid you not). Its obvious the Origin deal left them sour. I wouldnt want Origin on any console anyways. Its already frustrating on PC when i have to launch Battlefield.

Oh EA......

From my circa 200
Wii, PS3, 360, PSP, DS and 3DS games I have a total of 3 that are from EA.

#1 is Boom Blox for Wii bought it when it was €9.99

#2 is Fifa 10 for PS3 which I bought USED 2 years ago for €1.80 (no money goes to EA yay!)

#3 Zubo for DS which I bought new for €1.99

So EA when...
20% of my lets say €10 for Boom Blox go to the console manufacturer (Nintendo)
20% go to the retail store
15% go to the marketing company (EA or external company)
15% to the developer (7.5% EA and 7.5% Amblin)
30% to the publisher. (EA)

You either get
30 + 7,5 + 15 = 52.2% = €5.52 when you used an internal marketing department
30 + 7,5 = 37,5% = €3.75 when you used an external marketing company
Plus for my Zubo you get.
20% Nintendo
20% Retail
15% Ea/external marketing
15% Ea
30% Ea

30 + 15 + 15 = €1.20 with internal marketing
30 + 15 = €0.90 with external marketing

You got not more than €6.72 of my money during the last 8 years LOL.

TBH thats €7 too much.

And when I go and check my games alle the way back to the NES and Gameboy era there is like only 1 other game
(which I have to admit is awesome)

That would be Beetle Adventure Racing for N64 which I bought for 20 Deutsche Mark. ~ €10.

Is this a joke? His big source is a Reddit post that we've all seen months ago?