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Which logo do you want the team sig to be?

Logo 1 19 54.29%
Logo 2 3 8.57%
Logo 3 1 2.86%
Logo 4 4 11.43%
Logo 5 6 17.14%

2%? Come on people! I even created my own Sony fanboy thread!

Help me out! 

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yeah...wasn't there a playstation church or sony curch or curch of playstation or whatever ways back?

Turkish should be our general!!

For the logo I'd want it balanced between Japanese and Western themes, since Playstation is the platform that reunites both the best. And the four buttons should be in it too, as they've always been on all systems.

Btw has the name been oficially decided yet? I think we need a more conquering one to match Nintendomination.

I always thought that "PlayNation" would have been a cool alternative to "PSN".

PlayStation PlayNationTM

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Voted for M.U.G.E.N.. He's been doing an excellent job with the PS Vita thread.

Always showed a good knowledge about the system and support the PlayStation brand in fair way.

I agree with ryuzaki57 about the logo. The four buttons should be in it. Also one thing that the PlayStation brand always had, was sophisticated aesthetics that appealed to various demographics and to both ocidental and oriental gamers. PlayStation showed the world that gaming consoles where not toys anymore and could be a product to anyone.

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Let it be known that any competition that involves voting for pezus that I will vote him by default, maybe I should put it in my sig.

Miguel_Zorro said:

2%? Come on people! I even created my own Sony fanboy thread!

Help me out! 

:/ I wish I could but I read your post 5 seconds to late.

Im still pissed that pezus left us PC guys for you lowly console peasants xD, but i guess since he is my bud he should rule you guys so i vote Pezus!!.

Damn you pezus for becoming a falling God and joining the mortals!!!

Fuck yeah, I am not considered a fanboy :D

EDIT: oh shit, one has to apply? /me can't be bothered

You can't form a PlayStation team without riderz.