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Forums - PC Discussion - The unofficial Greenlight thread of interesting games we want to see on steam

Why did Dead Trigger get greenlighted....ugh.

Former something....

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Well at least they have gone from 10 to 20 titles per month. Hopefully this will mean more niche stuff get through. Nice to see Agarest get through so quick, and I am looking forward to Dead State plus Death inc and Planet Explorers look interesting.

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Time to start my next list of interesting games I found 

Ravensword: Shadowlands

Nice looking 1ST/3RD person RPG

Rogue Legacy

A procedurally generated side scrolling RPG game where if you die you take control of one of your descendants. 

Papers, Please

A puzzle game where you man a border checkpoint (it's more fun than it sounds) you can find a free Beta build here

Among the Sleep

A horror adventure game where you play as a 2 year old.

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Check out my hype threads: Cyberpunk, and The Witcher 3!

Four more titles have been Greenlit on Steam. 


We have decided to Greenlight a smaller batch this time, so we can move more quickly. There are lots of titles getting attention, so we are likely to continue Greenlighting titles in this quicker, but smaller batch fashion. 


These titles were selected on the same criteria we have been using in the past: Votes in Greenlight give us a hugely valuable point of data in gauging community interest along with external factors such as press reviews, crowd-funding successes, performance on other platforms, and awards and contests to help form a more complete picture of community interest in each title. 


Here are the latest titles advancing through Steam Greenlight, and being offered worldwide distribution via Steam. 

Edge of Space 

Greenlight Game

By: Reverb Publishing

Edge of Space is an dynamic open-world sandbox with exploration, crafting, building, terraforming, survival game. Where you create, mold, and work to survive.


Papers, Please 

Greenlight Game

By: dukope

Papers, Please A Dystopian Document Thriller Congratulations. The October labor lottery is complete. Your name was pulled.


Substance Designer 3 

Greenlight Software

By: Allegorithmic

Substance Designer 3 is a texturing toolset dedicated to game developers . It is meant to let 3D artists create beautiful materials for real-time applications and embeds all the necessary tools to do so: ...



Greenlight Game

By: dtp entertainment AG

Release possible: Nov/Dec 2012 Set in the fantastic world of long ago Venice, the young Scarlett falls victim to a terrible mystery, which begins with the murder of her companion by a secretive alliance of mighty...


As with past batches, these titles will be released independently in the weeks or months ahead, as they complete development and integrate with any of the Steamworks features they are interested in utilizing. 

Keep up the voting and help your favorite games get the attention they deserve. Also, be sure to join the Steam Greenlight Official Group for the latest news and announcements.

I think more frequent groupes could be a good move, nice to see Papers, Please get through 

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Check out my hype threads: Cyberpunk, and The Witcher 3!

I would love to see Halo 3 released for PC and put on steam as the rumors were saying. I loved both 1 and 2. Also Id love to see alot of the big named exclusives go to PC. Theres just something unparalleled as seeing my favorite games running in 1200p+ and sporting lots of AA and MSAA.

I mostly play RTS and Moba style games now adays as well as ALOT of benchmarking. I do play other games however such as the witcher 3 and Crysis 3, and recently Ashes of the Singularity. I love gaming on the cutting edge and refuse to accept any compromises. Proud member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race. Long Live SHIO!!!! 

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Ooh Venetica got greenlit - always wanted to try it out before I got my PS3 lol. (Was one of the games I was checking out years ago).

Might get it when its dirt cheap though ;o.

I hope more games from Japanese devs (more like Squareenix/Capcom) get released. Would love to play a FF game or something old school like Mega man or Breath of Fire on Steam


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