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Forums - PC Discussion - The unofficial Greenlight thread of interesting games we want to see on steam

SO I have been meaning to get round to making this thread for a while and now I'm finally doing it thanks to some prodding lol. So basically people should post some links to games on greenlight that they think should get some more attention. A breif description of why you think the game is interesting would be good as well if you are less lazy than I am. And if I can be bothered I will keep the OP updated with the best games (because I have the best taste in games obviously) and if I am feeling particularly motivated I might make a collection on Greenlight of VGChartz's greenlight picks!

Zarx's awsome picks can be found here or you could just scroll down that works as well. I just thought putting them all in the OP might come off as arrogant and make it too long.

Okr's picks

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Hmmm. I'll be back

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So a few of my picks 


A Castevania Symphony of the Night (AKA one of the best games ever made) inspired 2D action platformer RPG



A Rougelike tactics game that is currently very early in development but definately looks promising


Castle In The Darkness

A 8-Bit style exploration focused 2D platformer promising an "open-ended game world", hundreds of enemies and bosses and dozzens of items to find.



A Japanese arcade style action game inspired by Devil May Cry, with anime style art.


Secrets of Grindea

An ARPG in the style of Secret of Mana with 4 player co-op



An Isometric tactical RPG in the vain of Fallout 1 & 2 with a focus on exploration and combat.



A first-person parkour stealth game


Legends of Dawn

An open world ARPG


A tron looking arcade racer

In Verbis Virtus

A first prson action game with strong puzzle focus where you use a microphone to cast spells.


Blackreef Pirates RPG

And some other picks without pics if you know what I mean

Legends of Eisenwald 

A stratergy RPG in a medieval setting


Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox

A turn-bassed classic style first person RPG dungeon crawler with an infinite procedurally generated game world. Ok I just like procedural generation and I didn't want to add one of the many Minecraft/Terreria clones.


Dusty Revenge

A 2D brawler like Shank



A singleplayer FPS like classic Doom and Quake


Huntsman:The Orphanage

A horror game without violence or gore



An over the top retro 2D platforming shooter about 80s and 90s action heroes fking shit up, with co-op.

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that took a bit longer than I originally planned... I guess I was feeling motivated

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Check out my hype threads: Cyberpunk, and The Witcher 3!

It's already been "greenlit," but I'm super excited for Kenshi. It's an open-world squad-based RPG. I've never seen anything quite like it.


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Good thread. I won't post pics or descriptions, would take too much space and time. I'll just post a list of games I upvoted, plus links of course.

Evoland (looks great, my 1st pick)
Legends of Eisenwald
Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine
Rick Future
The Sea will Claim Everything *
ASA - A Space Adventure *
Black Mirror II *
Black Mirror III *
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller *
Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island *
Haunted *
Lost Chronicles of Zerzura * **

* These games are already released in retail form and/or on other download platforms. I already got four of them and only upvoted those eight games because the worlds needs more adventure games on more platforms.
** This is one of the best adventure games of 2012.

okr said:
Good thread. I won't post pics or descriptions, would take too much space and time. I'll just post a list of games I upvoted, plus links of course.

I always liked the Evoland concept and I'm glad they are fleshing it out.  I actually backed Legends of Eisenwald on Kickstarter as well. 

Anyway I updated my list

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Updated my list once again, I think I'm going to start a second list in a separate post...

Also screenshots are probably a bad idea

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Check out my hype threads: Cyberpunk, and The Witcher 3!

Memory of Soul

An action RPG from a bunch of game design students with some interesting sounding combat mechanics.

Project Awakened

An inovative action game with a fully customisable superhero character, with a strong focus on user generated content. Currently on kickstarter and will use Unreal engine 4.

Race The Sun

An arcade-style infinite racer, set in a procedurally generated world with an increasing difficulty ramp and a "modern retro" look. The goal is to get the highest possible score by racing into the sunset, avoiding obstacles and enemies, and collecting speed boosts and other powerups to help you along the way. You fly a solar-powered craft, and the game ends at sundown, if you can make it that far! 


A 2D platformer with a unique twist and visual style. 

Empire Eden

"Empire Eden is a cross between some of the greatest classics of all-time, like Metal Slug, Contra Hard Corps, Metroid, and Castlevania. The game uniquely combines Run N' Gun and RPG elements with added puzzles to create a fun, unforgettable experience. These combined elements require you to not only utilize your skills with melee/weapons, but you must also showcase your craftiness with the various animal powers. "

Planet Explorers

"Planet Explorers is an open world smooth voxel based sandbox adventure rpg game set on a distant planet. The game uses a new OpenCL system based on the Unity 3D engine to allow players to change the terrain in anyway, create new objects such as weapons, vehicles, objects, and do it anywhere."


""Platformines" is a unique 2D retro styled platformer with exploration, RPG and shooter elements, set in a huge and hostile underground world. Think Spelunky meets Borderlands meets Terraria meets Metroid. "


"A hack and slash action adventure, set in a fantasy pixel art environment. Solo or cooperate in this adventure from bottom to top of Castle Hammerwatch. Kill hordes of enemies with varied looks and features through four unique enviroments with traps, hidden secrets and puzzles. 

The game is inspired by the old Gauntlet-series, but adds a lot with online support, character development, complex levels, bosses, and much more. Like gauntlet, the focus is fast paced action, but with elements that forces you to think just a bit more! "


"a first person action roguelike dungeon crawl with crunchy pixels. It's got everything you'd look for in a roguelike in a new perspective - dodge traps, fight monsters, zap wands, and poison yourself with unidentified potions. Levels are randomly generated in each playthrough - you'll never know quite what's around the corner. "

The Fall Of The Dawn

"The Fall Of The Dawn is a single player RPG set on the island of the Cira, you the player will take control of a fresh recruit in the crusader army a faction of humans who are in the process or pushing there way in to the centre of the island which is crawling with werewolves, dragons and spiders."

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Check out my hype threads: Cyberpunk, and The Witcher 3!

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