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So a few of my picks 


A Castevania Symphony of the Night (AKA one of the best games ever made) inspired 2D action platformer RPG



A Rougelike tactics game that is currently very early in development but definately looks promising


Castle In The Darkness

A 8-Bit style exploration focused 2D platformer promising an "open-ended game world", hundreds of enemies and bosses and dozzens of items to find.



A Japanese arcade style action game inspired by Devil May Cry, with anime style art.


Secrets of Grindea

An ARPG in the style of Secret of Mana with 4 player co-op



An Isometric tactical RPG in the vain of Fallout 1 & 2 with a focus on exploration and combat.



A first-person parkour stealth game


Legends of Dawn

An open world ARPG


A tron looking arcade racer

In Verbis Virtus

A first prson action game with strong puzzle focus where you use a microphone to cast spells.


Blackreef Pirates RPG

And some other picks without pics if you know what I mean

Legends of Eisenwald 

A stratergy RPG in a medieval setting


Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox

A turn-bassed classic style first person RPG dungeon crawler with an infinite procedurally generated game world. Ok I just like procedural generation and I didn't want to add one of the many Minecraft/Terreria clones.


Dusty Revenge

A 2D brawler like Shank



A singleplayer FPS like classic Doom and Quake


Huntsman:The Orphanage

A horror game without violence or gore



An over the top retro 2D platforming shooter about 80s and 90s action heroes fking shit up, with co-op.

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