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Forums - General Discussion - Mafia Round 52 - Vanilla Ice Cream

Mafia wins

Player Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Role
Stefl1504 tabaha No Vote spurgeonryan prof Mafia Blocker/1-Shot Strongman
Yoshiya miz1q2w3e DarkThanatos No Vote prof Mafia Doctor/1-Shot Poisoner
theprof00 zero129 Yoshiya No Vote Stefl1504 Town Vanilla
Baalzamon No Vote spurgeonryan spurgeonryan prof Mafia Tracker/1-Shot Ninja
tabaha Stefl1504 No Vote No Vote MODKILLED Town Vanilla
TruckOSaurus DarkThanatos DarkThanatos spurgeonryan No Vote Town Compulsive Vig
Rolstoppable miz1q2w3e spurgeonryan spurgeonryan prof Town Vanilla
supermario128 TruckOSaurus Nachomamma8 spurgeonryan ----- Town Vanilla
Final-Fan No Vote No Vote No Vote ----- Town Untargetable
MARCUSDJACKSON spurgeonryan TruckOSaurus spurgeonryan ----- Mafia Father Time
spurgeonryan DarkThanatos DarkThanatos Rolstoppable ----- Town 2-Shot Busdriver
Nachomamma8 miz1q2w3e spurgeonryan ----- ----- Town Role Cop
A Bad Clown miz1q2w3e/DarkThanatos Nachomamma8 ----- ----- Town Double-Voter
DarkThanatos Stefl1504 TruckOSaurus ----- ----- Town Vanilla
zero129 miz1q2w3e ----- ----- ----- Town Vanilla
miz1q2w3e No Vote ----- ----- ----- Town Watcher



  • Days will last roughly 72 hours at most. If a majority of the votes(over 50%) is reached before the deadline, Day ends immediately. If the deadline hits and there is a sole player leading in votes then he shall be lynched. Any tie will result in No Lynch.
  • Please vote on a separate line in the following bolded format  Vote: Player
  • Unvotes MUST be made in a similar matter or subsequent votes WILL NOT be counted.
  • THERE IS NO TWILIGHT. I will post votals as often as I can, but be wary of potential hammers or deadlines bringing an end to Day.
  • DO NOT POST AT NIGHT. Always make sure before you post that you're not posting after Day has been ended. If you're writing a long post, check after you've written it and before you post (in a new tab) to make sure.
  • ^Those are your warnings.^ Everyone did well last Round, let's keep it up.
  • Nights will last roughly 24 hours. I will start Days early if ALL players tell me(by way of PM or Quicktopic) that they're okay with a short Night.
  • Do not edit posts
  • Do not post after death unless given permission.("I don't want to die"/"Good luck" is okay)
  • No direct quotation of anything the host says privately.
  • If you have questions, ask via PM
  • It is entirely forbidden to talk about this game outside of this thread and any possible quicktopic threads that were created by me


Vanilla Town's PM:

Subject: Mafia52- Town Vanilla

Wincon: Eliminate all scum.
(A link to this thread)


miz1q2w3e was Town Watcher. [LD1]
zero129 was Town Vanilla. [KN1]
A Bad Clown was Town Double-Voter. [KN2]
DarkThanatos was Town Vanilla. [KN2]
Nachomamma8 was Town Role Cop. [KN2]
spurgeonryan was Town 2-Shot Busdriver. [LD3]
MARCUSDJACKSON was Mafia Father Time. [DD3]
Final-Fan was Town Untargetable. [DD3]
supermario128 was Town Vanilla. [KN3]
theprof00 was Town Vanilla. [LD4]
tabaha was Town Vanilla. [MKD4]
TruckOSaurus was Town Compulsive Vig. [DEG]
RolStoppable was Town Vanilla. [DEG]
Stefl1504 was Mafia Blocker/1-Shot Strongman. [WEG]
Yoshiya was Mafia Doctor/1-Shot Poisoner. [WEG]
Baalzamon was Mafia Tracker/1-Shot Ninja. [WEG]

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Abc reporting in!

19:44:34 Skeezer METAL GEAR ONLINE
19:44:36 Skeezer FAILURE
19:44:51 ABadClown You're right!
19:44:55 ABadClown Hur hur hur
19:45:01 Skeezer i meant
19:45:04 Skeezer YOU ARE A FAILKURE
19:45:08 Skeezer FAILURE*

Can someone please link me to a post/thread explaining how you play this game?

Jay520 said:

Can someone please link me to a post/thread explaining how you play this game?

Typically, a mafia game is split between two factions: Town and Mafia. The Mafia know who they are, but the Town typically don't know who else is town.

Every game day (not a real life day), the town gathers to choose who they want to get rid of, who's the fishiest person in the town. So, they cast a lynch vote.

(someone else feel free to jump in, I'm adding details as I go)

When a decision is made, the town lynches the player, and night begins.

During the night, the mafia will consort to choose who they want to kill. Once they choose, the kill is made and the next day starts.

Back to the night, another few typical roles may exist for innocent (non-mafia) town members. These roles could be Cop, Doctor or Jailkeeper (the first roles you'll learn, there are more). They also can play their roles during the night. Once all actions are taken for town and mafia, then next day starts.

There're more details here ->

happydolphin has been modkilled for editing a post. :P

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spurgeonryan said:
Checking in before I read PM. If I am scum You will all die! If I am town all you scum will fry!

so you're scum? and you're telling your plans!! not wise young we know you are mafia.

no Ryan you are scum

Cool, I understand how to play now. I'll sit back and watch the next game to see strategies in action.

I'm here! I'm queer and I'm ready to play!

Signature goes here!

spurgeonryan said:
In this game you can call me name Jay529 and not get reported or banned. Like when MDJ just called me scum. That was not nice.

i can't belive....i see what you're trying to do. you implicated yourself as mafia by calling yourself scum, and now you're trying to turn it around so you can try to change facts.

no ones going to by into that act ryan.