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Yoshi not showing up again Day 2 should have also been a major red flag for you guys.

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Well nothing ended up actually happening with your one swap. But if everyone knew of that face, when Baalz claimed to have tracked Trucks to prof it would have been an absolute contradiction between their claims.

Logic does not compute" award lol. i know i picked an illogical reason to go after ryan. it made no sense to him or me, but knowing ryan would draw attention to himself because of it coupled with something he said (not going back to look for it) that made truck suspicious before being MK and Ryans lynch put Ryan on D feeling the need to fend off any questions before his death making him play sporadically.

can't say anything i did/said worked so i was ineffective.

i was further off the radar then anybody when it came to being mafia.

it's one reason i was impatient, being that i only had Rol and Stefl come after me, and that lasted like 4 post each, and i wasn't able to really go after anyone else do to my lack of experience based on the lingo used in this game.

RolStoppable said:
Linkzmax said:

How great to learn that we could have still won afterwards. We could have all agreed upon on baalz, but since I was already annoyed that the game was dragging on and prof was basically defending baalz by not suspecting him at all, I just went ahead and voted prof to see what happens. Should I be wrong, at least the dirtbag would die. The only reason someone would not suspect baalz had to be due to diverting attention away from him and being on his team.

I don't feel good about getting MVP when prof gets runner-up for "figuring it out at the end" when what he did caused me to vote him.

Lastly, hearing what nacho's scan actually was is mindboggling. He didn't allow us to lynch a poisoner!

Yea, I assumed he'd rolecopped my entire role and thus I would be able to pass off as doc with a one-shot kill, especially when he said he wouldn't claim on my behalf (being doc that would have been really bad if I was town). Makes my (completely accidently) lynch avoidance all the more ridiculous haha.

Yep, I really don't understand why nacho backed down on Yoshiya.

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Yeah, not continuing to go after Yoshiya was a mistake. I eventually backed off because I figured that with my role being rolecop and his being poisoner meant that the setup was scummy roles = town and I was the cop while Yoshiya was the vig. Should have had Yoshiya claim, should have told a vig to kill Yoshiya if there was one, should have, should have, should have. It's a good sign that my scumdar is finally adjusting to the site, though; slowly but surely.

Rol definitely deserves the town MVP for pushing the most, for investigating the most. In the end, wins aren't usually earned by who is the most accurate, but by who is the most effective at bringing the town together and getting them to collectively pressure people who will slip up.

Thanks Linkz for the game!


Yea, I wasn't too happy with the amount of lurking that I did but the way town was playing allowed me to do it without getting much suspicion and at that's what I needed considering what Nacho said when Day 2 started.