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What Type Is Nenfia?

Normal 31 32.63%
Flying 11 11.58%
Ground 2 2.11%
Fighting 3 3.16%
Light 15 15.79%
Sun 1 1.05%
Moon 0 0.00%
Some other Old Type 4 4.21%
A new Type (not light/sun/moon) 21 22.11%

My guess is Still LIGHT type!


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Well, around Serebii and most pokemon forums, the balance is tilting heavily to a Flying type, thought I still fail to see how Sylveon could ever be a Flying pokemon (unless it's some sort of play on the word Sylph and Eevee, with Sylph being usually a Wind sprite/spirit and Wind being associated with flying).

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It could still be Light type, however this type would likely just fill the void between electric and fire. Although if you judge by this:

It definitely does look like a Normal type but I'm torn between Normal/Flying or a new type. It's been such a long time since any new type has been introduced Im almost starting to think those days are gone.

That image from GameFreak really does suggest it could be a flying type though (either that or its a big coincidence)... OK I'm going to guess flying :/


X/Y news coming Saturday! Hope some new pokemon show up