Forums - Gaming Discussion - What January game releases will you buy this month ?

None this month but a heap in Feb, hanging out for Aliens colonial marines!


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Ni No Kuni is a must have, will get DmC later as i havent got munnies

Ni Ni Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a already paid off, day one game for me. I'm also going to pick up Life of Pixel, just to help the developer fund his other games.

There is a 50/50 chance for EDF, Hitman HD and Ratchet and Clank: FFA

If you want to update the OP with a list of games that are coming this month. Just omit Sniper Ghost Warrior 2.

nen-suer said:

Maybe DMC... but I never played any entries of the franchise so I'm hesitant

Ni No Kuni = definitely
The Cave = maybe.

Fixed for my list.

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Shogun 2 total war
Sims 3


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Ni no Kuni for me.

I'll be getting Ni no Kuni on release, and Hitman HD and DmC sometime later when they're considerably cheaper.

Dead space releases?
Ni no Kuni looks good.

I wait for games to get half off launch price. So im not gonna buy anything other than steam deals,. I only buy full price for games I'm super excited.. Which I am for bio shock and tomb raider.

bonkers555 said:

It's really funny how game forum is so out of touch with real world. If we just go by this thread here alone you will think that Ni No Kuni will be a million + seller week 1.

Nothing in January for me luckily.

That's JRPGs for you.

bonkers555 said:

You know that the PS3 version is price droped to $39.99 at GameStop and you get the Vita version with it.

People keep telling me to do that, but there's 4 reasons why I'm not:

1. I won't use cross-play. I'll only end up playing it on one system.

2. I'd prefer having a portable version.

3. PS Vita version is quite a bit cheaper on some sites.

4. I want the retail copy, memory on my Vita is precious!

Solid-Stark said:
I just got the Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3, but I'm thinking about returning it.

Nooooo don't, just give it a real good chance and you'll (hopefully) love it.