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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which is the game you have spend more money on???

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I think mine is NSMB2 for 3DS i have bought one copy to play one copy to keep selaed plus strategy guide (so far nothing new) but all those 9 DLC made it the most expensive game I have ever had!

I am sure some of you have bought some super expensive limited special rare edition of something...


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Probably Mortal Kombat... i bought the game twice at full price... or Mass Effect 3 with all the DLC. I also bought Fallout new vegas original release and later the Ultimate edition, but im pretty sure that wasnt much as both werent full price.

Unless you count MMO's. At wich point its probably WoW, though that milk cow has run dry and its not gonna feed them anymore.

Radiant Silvergun for SEGA Saturn in excellent condition for $167 and change... worth it!

Gran Turismo 5 easy. The game, all the DLC and a racing wheel.

Pokemon is the game i have spent the most money on. with the cards and i had to buy all of the games to complete my pokemon collection. I still don't have every pokemon in the pokedex :(

Skylanders is 2nd place. I bought 2 skylander games and 3 seprate skylanders.

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I guess Fallout New Vegas, I bought it when it first came out and then got the utlmate version for 10 bucks later.

Gran turismo 5. Bought the collectors edition for £100 when it released, bought all the dlc and spent £80 on a steering wheel.

Probably spent £50 collectively on littlebigplanet dlc too

Modern Warfare 2, i bought the game 5 times already! Yet i dont own it currently.

PSO 1&2 for the gamecube. I bought the game and modem and then after i became crazy addicted, i bought another game and modem for my brother so we could both play online together.

either mass effect 2 or 3 being that i bought all the dlc for each game