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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which is the game you have spend more money on???

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trying to remember if earthbound cost me $70 or $80, i bought it the first day it came out with the strategy guide. It was a hell of a lot of money back then. Sega master system and genesis games were often way overpriced back then i remember, but i didn't have one back then. Games like sword of vermillion and shining force were going for $70-$80 in early 90s dollars.

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Everquest, 4 year subscription, 7 expansions, and a massive monthly phone bill the first year, plus pc and gpu upgrades. The last 2 years we were playing side by side, subscription x 2, and expansions cost x 2.

For game series it would have to be pokemon

I own Diamond and Pearl, Platinum, Soul Silver, Black and white, Black 2, White 2, Mystery dungeon

For a single game it would be modern warfare 3
$99 for the game alone and $70 for elite

Biggest waste of money ever..