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Solid-Stark said:
theprof00 said:
vita supposedly was nearly profitable at launch.
Many confuse being profitable with the entirety of the console being profitable. Two conflicting stories from sony elucidate the situation.
The vita with attach rate, is making money.
The vita itself is predicted to be entirely profitable within 3 years.

Loss on hardware on its own, profitable day one if we think about the entire business.

Sony is not going to nix the vita, especially when euro and dollar forex are growing tremendously.
If we ignore this however, if sony were to drop the vita, it would end them. It would destroy consumer trust and pull them entirely out of the handheld market.
So yeah, again, not going to happen.

Thats interesting. I had thought the Vita itself was profitable from day 1, but that it would take 3 years for it to pay off it's R&D bill.

This is kind of what I mean. The 250$ vita is likely profitable with one game, especially now that the exchange rate has gone up over ten percent since release (both in euro and dollar) and Sony had only predicted a forex of 80 and 100, and it now stands at 85 and 113. The system is likely profitable without a game or memory card, right now, given this fortuitous turn.

But at launch, to correct the history, at launch it was not profitable. Though it is believed that the 3g 300$ version WAS profitable, the wifi version was considered to only be profitable with a memory card and game attached to the sale. Currently though, it should be reliably making healthy margin profit.

The 3 years would also take into account planned price-drops. Obviously, when detailing to investors, they would make sure that they didn't have to apologize down the line by saying "we didn't expect to drop the price". The prediction should include any upcoming price-drops, but possibly does NOT include PS+ revenue and subsequent memory card attach rate. I'd say it's going to take a little longer than 3 years looking at the current situation, unless Sony is able to turn it around and the Vita starts to kick off. Hopefully, we are also undertracking it by some fair margin.

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I would drop handheld gaming all together. I'll Just worry about home consoles from them. They did it with the PSP GO and that might be hurting them now. I never had a PSP Go, so, it never affected me. I doubt they would drop handheld game anyway. Don't they have a studio or 2, dedicated to handheld gaming alone?

All I know is that if this were to happen, then your sealed PS Vitas that you bought for $250 will be worth a wholleee lot more money in a few years. I think the PS Vita would see its biggest sales spike from people trying to scavenge money by selling it for a profit lol.

Iam thinking of geting the vita . I hope sony dont stop makeing it,


Nothing would happen, but it doesn't matter because this is most likely Sony's last handheld and Nintendo will soon denigrate with Smartphones devouring their market at a steady rate

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The Vita is bleeding all of the profit they are making on the PS3.

Not happening. Best handheld yet. Also, if someone is saying that vita doesn't have games, and 3ds has, then they are flat out lying. 2013 has more big vita games than 3ds ones, in both japan and overseas. That even though sony hasn't even released the latter 2013 schedule whereas ninty announces its games years before.

everyone in the forum would go crazy and than you'll make a thread about it called " an unbiased jaywood2010 review of why sony stopped making the vita"

People would not be happy lol..

I'm still considering a Vita myself, but I can tell you that I expect a long life span of the system, maybe 7+ years. After this long gen of consoles I expect my systems to last longer then just a year.

To spend $250-$300+ on a hand held system only to have production halted just over a year on the market would create a rather massive backlash and quite a few people would lose faith in Sony.

It's just that simple.

IF it happened it wouldn't have much effect. Nintendo are fearful of smart phones and want to continue a strong lineup because of that. The handheld market has changed and it isn't just dedicated handhelds as competition anymore but I say the more game devices on the market the better.

For sony it would effect the lineup of their consoles much better because all the vita games would be transferred to ps3/ps4.

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