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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What do you think is the scariest video game or video game level?

Alien vs Predator for the Jaguar. The system only had 2 good games, and this was one of them.

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Okay, I have to LOL at any Zelda references here... Not scary, ever. Play a few games.

We se a ton of Silent Hill and RE references here... Personally, I found SH freaky as shit until I saw the villagers rush at me in RE4. That is definitely a freaky motherfucking experience.

Both RE and SH have HUGE freaky moments,

But have you ever been scared shitless? My vote goes for AvP1 and trying to fight as a marine in the "crossroads hallway". When that radar lights up, you shit your pants.

Scariest? Maybe not. Most terrifying? Absolutely.

Or check out my new webcomic:

""Scariest level: Silent Hill 2's underground jail. The whole level creeped me out because I couldn't see what was ahead! Also, in one of the cells was this invisible monster and I took some time to know where it was, so every time I heard it, I ran like a pansy.""

==> shit I never found the invisible monster in this SH2 level
I also remember a room, just after, where u can hear a BIG walking sound (like a giant spider that was crawling around u ...)

and yes the monters hidden under the car were terrific

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Reasonable said:
Scariest entity? Hmm. Probably Pyramid Head in SH2 (I prefer creeps to jumps). Also Alma's a spooky little devil.

The entity that I feared the most though (not as in scared but as in oh, no this could ruin how well I'm doing) was the facehuggers in AVP2 - damn those suckers could ruin your day fast! Scuttle, scuttle, closeup of their underside with tube waving to go down your throat... immediate game over.

Speaking of AVP2 - there should be more games where you get to play the monster. I don't mean chose good vs bad paths a'la Fable or Star Wars. I mean play the monster. I loved how in AVP2 you could play as a marine and be on full alert the whole time, jumping at every 'ping' on your radar, then play as an Alien or a Predator and just feel damn invincible.

It sounds a little strange to say but I loved just hanging from ceilings watching people below, or sitting invisible as Predator watching guards thinking heh, heh, heh... you have no idea what's about to hit you!

 ........ *shudders*

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the scariest level in a game has to be the Cradle from thief 3.... I still have nightmares about it! It scared the living shit out of me!

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Scariest I can remember recently was the bathroom scene in Eternal Darkness(Alex walks into the bathroom and sees herself dead in the bathtub, which is full of blood). I still don't know why, but it freaked me out.

Granted, I don't play survival horror games often, so my experience is limited.

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Eternal Darkness is scarring the shit out of me...

I was in the bathroom (2nd floor)... (In eternal darkness) And i looked at a bath, it was empty.

Then, when i clicked the B-button to examine it i got a full picture of my maincharacter (which i was playing at that moment) lying dead in the bath, full of blood, with blood coming out of her eyes and mouth... I was like WTF!!!

And then, i ran out of the chamber... When i got out of it... Someone was banging on the door... So i ran to the main-floor... And there was this statue that keeped turning his face and looked at me while i was running passed it...


Damn, RE is nothing compared to that game! 


ramuji said:
Fucking bathtub in Eternal Darkness


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For the single creepiest/scariest level it would have to be the playrooms in Shadowman. Creepiest game overall would be Eternal Darkness.


I mean, just check out the music for that stage


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