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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What do you think is the scariest video game or video game level?

Silent Hill 3,. the escene in the church and the carrousel, made cry like a 9 years old girl chased by a mouse

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I would have to say Doom 3 just because the majority of the game is in a very creepy atmosphere, the sounds really do it.

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Bioshock had its moments.

RE4 is a bit spooky, too.

Ravenholm in Half Life 2. The setting was only mildly scary, but everything would be silent, and then you turn a corner and BAM! zombies are all over you. I was playing it in the dark and it really made me jump.

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Reasonable said:
The tensest levels I've played are Alien vs Predator 2 as a marine with difficulty at max but they weren't as creepy as the Cradle levels.

Ah, yes, AvP...

When your radar lights up and all you can think is "OH SH*T! RRRRRRUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!"

Great game back in the day. 

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Tifa Lockhart said:
To further extend the life of this topic, what is the scariest video game entity you've ever encountered?

Mine'd have to be the Regenerator. Twitchy, bitey, naked with no reproductive organs, and just plain old creepy. Blech.

Definitely has to be my first Big Daddy fight. Yikes, those things are imposing the first time. 

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I second the insanity effects of Eternal Darkness. Really messes with your mind.

Though I would have to give the edge to the Silent Hill series for the eerie atmosphere.

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RE3. They have this one hallway on the second floor of a building with a room at the end. There is nothing else at the end of the hall, just a room. In the room are a couple of zombies, and a diamond.

The first time I'm playing this, I had been scared shitless running from Nemesis, and ran into this building, up the stairs, and into the room. Nemesis didn't follow me. I dispatched the zombies, picked up the diamond, and paced the room wondering what to do next. After ten minutes or so, I went back out the room to check out the hallway. There was nothing there. I spent the next ten minutes or so wandering between the room and hallway. After a while, I went back into the hall, and right then Nemesis comes running down the hall straight for me. I was scared sht!tless, didn't know what to do, and ended up dying as he picked me up and stuck a tentacle through my head. It was so unexpected. I had gone into the hall countless times and he never popped up.

cool48 said:
Hyperion said:
Video Games aren't scary.

OMG are you kidding!

Any scary video game I've ever played was at least 3x scarier that the scariest movie I ever saw.

 yep... tis true

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silent hill.... the radio static sound still F***s me up. particularly if its foggy and i cant find my way out town lols

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