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Holy crap!



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A bit late for Mr. JL.



Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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Other Nintendo happenings likely this week:

SMG passing Gears of War

Wii reaching 5 million in every region

Mario Party DS passing MHP2 in Japan

Record earnings for a video game company in a single quarter

Good job to the Wii, now it needs to sell 60M by year's end.

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already discussed

Was it the fastest to 20 million?

Nintendo still doomed?
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Okay, that's one "Wii hits 20 million" thread, I wonder how many we'll have, despite Sqrl's Official Wii Hits 20 Million thread...

Excellent, and this shows that Wii is still in hot demand, just supply constrained, over 100K in others alone


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Now my profile views are going to skyrocket........

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