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sales2099 said:
Omni is probably the prototype name like Durango is for next Xbox.

September 2013? lol. More like announcing it in september 2013 at the Tokyo Game show.

The code name is "Orbis"

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Now that i read this with more time, i think the omniviewer thing is an incredible risk, but given it optional its a smart initiative marketing wise. This will differentiate the Playstation with a tech that is only found in it, just like kinect with the Xbox and the tablet controller and motion controls on the Wii U.
I am glad its optional, because personally i dont want to get it. I dont think its gonna be very confortable or good for your eyes.

HappySqurriel said:
theprof00 said:
HappySqurriel said:
theprof00 said:
HappySqurriel said:
While I could be wrong, this sounds awful and I couldn't see any company moving forward with a system like this ...

A screen that can turn any tv into 3d and display 4k res video as well as provide video overlay through a semi-transparent screen, and track head movement?

Well, you may be wrong, I may be wrong.

Those are claims that are so ridiculous I would be ashamed if anyone truly believed them ...


which parts are ridiculous so i can school you a bit on how tgeyre easily possible?

Lets start off with 4K, being that is a display resolution of 3840 × 2160 how could Sony afford to produce a system with that display that anyone could afford to buy? Realistically, this would be a display with a pixel density that is (probably) well over 4 times that of a retina display and it would (likely) be a several thousand dollar device on its own.

As for the "turn any TV into 3D" the likely way to do that is using a shutter glasses approach, something that cuts the display brightness in half and requires a high frame rate and screen refresh rate to not seem choppy. Anyone with a 60Hz refresh rate would find it (nearly) unusable, and Sony would need to produce a system that could consistently produce graphics at 60fps.


Ultimately, this fanboy wet-dream is a several thousand dollar system ...

1. well i think you already know you are wrong hence the change in your question to being how could they do that at a price the masses could afford. 

amoled screen, especially ones that are 6 inches or so, can be bought wholesale for 20-35 dollars from china.


2. you dont knowbthe technology they are talking about. you are just guessing. in my opinion, the display could overlay the foreground images producing the 3d effect. since it does head tracking, it could reliably hold the images at the correct spots while you move your head.

further, it could just be talking about head tracking based 3d which simply means the games camera is oriented to your own, giving an illusion (and a very convincing one) of being 3d.


JimmyDanger said:
cunger said:

Yeah I don't mind at all if Sony is less powerfull than nextbox but to be 2 or 3 times behind would kind of suck. They need to be atleast within 50% or so in terms of power and these machines need to quadrouple the wiiu. I'm rooting for Sony on this one. If these rumors are true they have the coolest "gimmick" with the omni glasses..  much  more interesting then kinect and slighly more interesting than wiiu tablet.

You do realise that if the Nextbox was 2 times as powerful - PSOmni Would be within %50?

I don't think it'd be a dealbreaker in any case. Maybe to some cores, but not to the majority of the market.

Yeah i agree with you there.. It's only core guys like us that care.  It's just that for me I'm a Nintendo first guy. And then I choose either Sony or Microsoft. And I greatly prefer Sony because I don't have to pay a subscription fee to get most of the system features and they have more non-shooter games which I prefer. But I do want a powerfull system in the home.  Nintendo doesn't provide that so my second console needs to.

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1 person only?

It's like a helmet... so 1 person per helmet... if you need buy more.

PS. There is no way the new PlayStation is to named anything else than PS4.

well, in Japan they wont have that name, unless they want a console to be named "PlayStation Death".

There is  a Resident Evil 4 in Japan, and it sold well so.....there's also a Yakuza 4..etc.
Whatever this supersition was, Japan seems to have gotten over it.

You have a really good point there.  I forgot games with a 4 existed in Japan XD

Well those are simple games. And Resident Evil games could be very well be applied to "death". It's just a bad omen, kinda like the number 13 in the west.

That explains why FFXIII sucks XP

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What I get from this rumor would be "Sony wishes they were Steam."