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JimmyDanger said:
cunger said:

Yeah I don't mind at all if Sony is less powerfull than nextbox but to be 2 or 3 times behind would kind of suck. They need to be atleast within 50% or so in terms of power and these machines need to quadrouple the wiiu. I'm rooting for Sony on this one. If these rumors are true they have the coolest "gimmick" with the omni glasses..  much  more interesting then kinect and slighly more interesting than wiiu tablet.

You do realise that if the Nextbox was 2 times as powerful - PSOmni Would be within %50?

I don't think it'd be a dealbreaker in any case. Maybe to some cores, but not to the majority of the market.

Yeah i agree with you there.. It's only core guys like us that care.  It's just that for me I'm a Nintendo first guy. And then I choose either Sony or Microsoft. And I greatly prefer Sony because I don't have to pay a subscription fee to get most of the system features and they have more non-shooter games which I prefer. But I do want a powerfull system in the home.  Nintendo doesn't provide that so my second console needs to.