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Forums - Website Topics - leo-j unbanned by his PS3?

^ LOL!

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Lol if DmeisterJ

poor Soriku you just lost a friend ;(

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leo-j said:
Im going delete you from my friend list.

I've deleted Soriku from my friends list a long time ago, back then when I got a friends request from Sorix.

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Lol, he was never on my list XD



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Dallinor said:
Hmmm the only answer to this is....

 Gahhhh I can't get it out of my head now...

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RolStoppable said:
Soriku, it's very impolite to post private messages in the forum. Only someone who doesn't respect the other person would show what they were talking about in a private message.

I hope you are ashamed about yourself now, Soriku. burns!

You all are too much ... PM me leo-j and let me know how you got back soo fast. I promise, I won't post your PM ...

Why the hell would you post a PM in a thread, looks like soriku should be banned, the same with RoL for making the other thread

what does Leo get banned for all the time anyway?

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