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Is the Wii U truly next gen? (Tech wise)

Yes 97 43.11%
No 104 46.22%
Wait until you see the tr... 24 10.67%
ganoncrotch said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
prayformojo said:
Nintendo dupes people over and over and over again. I was fooled just like everyone else until now. Nintendo will keep this up until consumers stop buying their products.

Nintendo isnt duping anyone. They've always gone for children and families before any individual adult.

Aye Bayonetta 2 is aimed 100% for the whole family to gather around her lovely physics filled ass and enjoy :D Also metroid prime, Resi 4 RE:Make on the Gamecube. The view that Nintendo don't produce more than babysitting tools is far from the truth.

Is Nintendo making it? No, they are funding its production. They also did that with Rare, didn't they? Nintendo on its own is a family oriented gaming company. I highly doubt that Miyamoto would disagree as well. Nintendo as a first party is aimed at children and families. They want you to game on the couch with your parents and grandparents or friends together. Nintendo may have won whats left of this gen, but they want the interest that was never focused on the Wii and that was the core games that was basically everywhere else. They want the multiplayer, and high budget games associated with them as well. Nintendos worst selling consoles always come as consequence to trying to gain the core by themselves. N64? GC? Exactly.

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The way I see it, WiiU is Nintendo's second hardware in the same generation. It's like they re-released Gamecube hardware as 'Wii' and extended that generation. Now they are catching up HD consoles with WiiU.

turtuls said:
It comes with an HDMI cable standard.

All current gen consoles come with composite cables. That's how I know.

You know, that's probably the best answer yet, and probably the most true.

A lot better than the "durr because 8 comes after 7" posts that completely fail to understand what the OP is asking.

It's next gen because of the time-frame of the consoles release, it's the next console cycle. Simple as that. Has nothing to do with price, power of graphics or anything about the system itself.

HappySqurriel said:
Squilliam said:

CPU: 32.76mm^2
GPU: 156.21mm^2
3rd die: 2.65mm^2

So no it isn't theoretical to say that the PS3 has more CPU performance. It isn't theoretical so say that the PS3 has twice the memory bandwidth. So whilst you're busy arguing based on wishful thinking the facts are starting to emerge. You can't simplify 7 years of tool development and PowerPC optimisation as 'wait for the performance' when all the hard work has already been done. The Wii U is based on existing technology so I wouldn't hold my breath for optimisation when that optimisation has already been done for the most part.

So, how much edram does the Wii U have? What is the bandwidth and latency of this edram? How is it allocated between frame-buffers and texture cache?

If the PS3 is more powerful than the Wii U, and the Wii U is rendering 50% more pixels than the PS3, why don't we see significant improvements in visuals in highly optimized PS3 games over first generation Wii U games?


6 years or work by Epic, Ubisoft, EA Games/Bioware, Activision and Rocksteady working to optimize performance for the PS3 and the Wii U gets similar performance while rendering to a second screen on ports created by small/unknown developers who were rushed to make it out for launch; either these games were ported by the best developers in the world or the Wii U is more powerful. TODAY we have evidence that the Wii U is more powerful ... We can't say much beyond that because nothing has been shown to be dramatically more demanding than PS3 games, but you would have to be in denial to argue otherwise.

How much eDRAM? 32MB is the most likely quantity given the strong suggestions made by multiple sources. The allocation is likely up to the developer.

We also know that it consumes 33 watts of power when running a game.

So yes a 33W console with small die sizes and tiny memory bandwidth isn't a graphical behemoth. Every number which has come out has not pointed to the Wii U being a powerful console even compared to the ancient PS3 and Xbox 360.


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because it is a new console and the PS3 and 360 are last hell if your like me and count handhelds with the vita and 3DS we are already in the next gen for about a year now

this is nintendo's new home consoles, thus next generation.


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I will withhold final judgement until I play it. But it seems very much like the DreamCast. Where it's a nice upgrade, but may be surpassed rather quickly in a year or two. Although, it was finances, not quality, that stopped the Dreamcast. If Sega had been making more money it might still be making consoles (and we might not have the Xbox.)

I think much of the distraction have to do with that nothing has blown people away - especially compared to what a decent PC can do right now. When the Wii came out it was a new way of playing. I am just not getting the same excitement with the WiiU.

I hope I and wrong and it really raises the bar. So MS and Sony really have to make something spectacular to compete with it.


Really not sure I see any point of Consol over PC's since Kinect, Wii and other alternative ways to play have been abandoned. 

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Hrmm.. pretty reasonable.


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PDF said:
I'm pretty sure next gen doesn't start till Sony says so.

Hahaha I love that comment Im gunna put in in my sig XD

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