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Forums - Music Discussion - Post your favorite instrumental songs

Lion king: King of Pride Rock

Fufilled desire

Moonlight Sonata

Pan Flute music

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There's none better than this one:

And my avatar's theme:

From video games: Dancing Mad

For Halloween: Toccat and Fugue in D Minor

From a movie: Bolero (Moulin Rouge):

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My all-time favorite: Chopin's concerto number 1, movement 2.

Video Game: Gourmet Race (Kirby Series)
Classical: Probably Canon (in D major)

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Just a small sample of the greatness of Ennio Morricone with some of his best known work and some more obscure stuff.

Great topic! I love Moonlight Sonata too. Here's my list:

The Force - Star Wars:

Halo 4 Credits:

Canon in D:

Shen Fa from Shenmue:

Twin Snakes theme:

Halo 4 Main Theme:

Protectors of Earth - Two Steps from Hell:

After The Fall: Two Steps from Hell:



Will post some RATATAT later :)

Because not even this thread is trollproof.

Now seriously... hmm Ennio Morricone has been posted... so:




I don't know if there are Michiru Yamane (she has worked in Castlevania games) fans here, so I'm posting this before I forget about it, because this game was never released in the US:

Some Nintendo music for the kids:

To finish this post:

Almost any instrumental Pink Floyd song and classical music.