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trent44 said:

Ok, so where does he say 2013 Vita price cut?

Where does he mention the ammount of the price cut?

I am supposed to just assume whatever I want or what?

He just seems to be talking about bundles and stuff...


"So a price cut will have to wait until next year then?

Fergal Gara: Yes."

He doesn't say when or by how much, but this is a terrible thing to say for an executive. It spreads fast.

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I have a 3G Vita, and have enjoyed it to this point, but I am a realist. I know when I upgrade my phone next year, it will out perform the Vita. It will also have more games, and it will support Playstation Mobile as well. Every third party game will be on either PSM or GPS, and will perform better than the Vita version.

The only way I see Vita making it more than 4 years is if the price drops way down. Plus some amazing games from SCEWWS, and I am not talking Gran Turismo and God of War. They need something to set this apart. There are great racers and hack and slashers on android and iOS. Making a more powerful version every couple of year will just piss people off. There is no way I will buy a new phone and handheld every other year, but I could just be weird.

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Smart ... announcing a price cut for next year just before christmas. This will not help the sales of Vita this holidays ...

I personally think that the Vita will be fully dead in one or two years from now.

Chandler said:
fillet said:
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fillet said:

That's just your assumption, you have no evidence whatsoever to support that claim.

You made a very direct statement and I would therefore ask you to back it up.

It's an assumption either way. That's part of the fun when you look into the future. But since you didn't back up your assumption (how could you) I don't see how I am obliged to back up mine.


"If the official price is lowered then that promotional price will be lowered....duh."

That's pretty direct if you ask me ;P

Your assumption goes against the status quo. Mine goes with logic, so therefore the burden is on you to provide evidence to backup what you say.

It would be a logical assumption to state that if the base price of a console is reduced, then any other promotions on top would result in a lower price of the overall package. To say otherwise is lunacy.

So you think it's reasonable that amazon will slash the price by 60€ even after the price cut? Right now you can geht the vita for 185€ if you are interest in LBP Vita. I never said there wont be any promotions at all, but they will certainly not be as steep as they are now.

That's your main point there in bold.

Good lord, what you're saying makes no sense. A "promotion" defined in english is the act of promoting something - it is offered to boost sales - it's not and act of kindness. If after a price cut a product still isn't selling like the Vita - then yes further promotions may or may not be offered depending on demand.

It's like the stock market - past performance is no indicator of the future. Past promotions mean nothing - console is popular - no promotion - console not popular - promotion and or price cut - depending on demand again.

Remember the dreamcast, remember the Xbox, remember the Saturn - When they were near EOL - promotion upon promotion was offered. The situation was different there - but it was still a "promotion".

I mean you know how this stuff works right? This isn't an act of kindness by Amazon, it's a careful calculated strategy.

The Amazon promotion is a good one indeed - but that's not the point at all. The point is - would we get similar value deals after a price cut soon after.....The answer.


Nobody knows!!!!!

I already said that nobody knows what will happen like 3 posts ago but thank you for circlejerking around.


You essentially said that your assumption is superior than mine because yours is made with the current status quo in mind. Now you tell me, quote, that past performance is no indicator of the future. Sounds like a contradiction to me.

Let me be really really specific here. I don't think neither of us is wrong since we don't know how the market and in turn big retailers would react to a price cut. So this topic is pretty much open for speculation. I don't know why you are so condescending though. Relax man.

Fair comment.

No big deal :)

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forevercloud3000 said:

All he stated was the obvious. EVERY console gets a price cut in their second year, this isn't news.

The Wii didn't get its first pricecut after three and half years?

The Wii was still the cheapest console three and a half years out.

Why quote me when what you said has nothing to do with it? Or are you just trying to switch the goal post?

I'm just trying to point out that the system didn't have a pressing need to drop in price because it was already well priced out of the competitions reach. If the Wii cost more to make and was priced similarly to the 360 and PS3, than you wouldn't expect it to have not dropped in price for three and a half years?

The Wii is profitable out the door while both the Xbox 360 and PS3 were sold at a hefty loses. Your point?

Ok...wait, what? Are you....agreeing with me? Supporting my point and acting the opposite isn't cool man. Are you just busting my balls or are you confused over what I said? I should know better than to have a Galaki conversation, at least that's what everyone seems to say.

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