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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dead Space 3 : The first AAAA game?

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AAAA= more bullshit, less content.

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Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

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You can't do AAAA it just doesn't work:

A - Singular - A game
AA - sounds like Ah, as in the sound of slight awe - That's quite..ah... game
AAA - Sounds like you are in full awe! Sound of mouth watering. - When I saw that game all I could say was AAA...
AAAA - Sound of falling to your death.


My eyes will bleed goo of money and my brain will relocate itself to my ass!

I sense rank inflation.


Maybe it's their cheap excuse to put 100$ price tag on this (w/o DLC cost that is).

RolStoppable said:
EA is pushing to the next level... of douchebaggery.


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Well now, I shall have really high unrealistic expectations.


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A triple-A franchise becomes quad-A when it focuses on multiplayer to the detriment of single player.

That would explain why it needs to sell 5 million copies for the series to continue. That is just stupid

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since most AAAA games are bad, i wonder what quad a will be like.
also, everyone i know who talks about deadspace 3 is disappointed with what is shown so far about the game. but whatever the amount of "A"s in a game means nothing.

This isn't even related to the topic, but I remember reading awhile ago that if Dead Space fails to sale so much, then EA was gonna drop the studio..anyone know if this is true?