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Solid-Stark said:
darkknightkryta said:

But what hope would that give if there are still more terraformers/towers?  Plus there's no organized human resistance anymore, if they couldn't do it before when the chimera were isolated in Europe, how would they do it now?

The chimera were never isolated in Europe. They were expanding. In the beginning of the first game, they had already took over Asia and in the second they took over the Americas.

Spoiler. In the first game they destroyed the tower in the UK, i think, which then wiped the chimera out of the region; giving them some leverage in the war (Retribution expands on this event further). By the end of the second game, it was clear what the Chimeran towers were for.

For your first question, I guess it would be peace of mind and hope that the world would rid itself of Chimeras. I suppose it is valid to just think "hell with it all, we will die anyways". But the same logic could make a game like Fallout 3 moot; why try to purify the river if the wasteland has gone to hell?

I guess faith that humanity will come out on top resides behind the premise of these kind of games.

What I meant by in Europe, I meant they were still a small race to fight against.  If they couldn't beat them when they were small, and with large, organized armies, why would they hace a chance now?  They're running all over the world and there's no more armies.  But, I guess there's not much point in pondering since the franchise is essentially over :(

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The campaign was the best in the series. Visually it looked beautiful, there were some interesting weapons and it was fun.

Yet again though, the game seems to suffer from a lack of polish. Despite taking 3 years to make instead of the 2 year cycle for R2, R3 still has areas that look patchy or very rushed. So that was disappointing.