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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Resident Evil 6 Hype Thread!

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darkknightkryta said:
Sal.Paradise said:

Cool, thanks Though I've got a ton of games to play before then.  

No problem, though I don't think I'll be getting rid of my copy of RE6, if ever.  I liked RE 5 a lot and I like this game just as much.  Hit me up on PSN, it's the same as my username, just mention that you're Sal.

Will do Yeh I played mercenaries years after I got RE5, hoping it'll be the same here. And maybe some juicy DLC campaigns like last time. 

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I'm not too sure about DLC campaigns, I mean, Capcom put quite a bit of content in this game but I'm sure they might do something for mercenaries. Do you still play RE5?

Noo not for a while now. My total time must've been 100+ hrs though.

Same with mine, I think I had 90 clocked and a platinum.