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Forums - Sales Discussion - Germany HW - 23rd June

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No, it is not banned.

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mysticwolf said:
Wasn't the 360 banned in Germany because of the Motorola lawsuit? How are they still selling consoles?

I read that the banning can't be applied until the case is closed in the USA.

No troll is too much for me to handle. I rehabilitate trolls, I train people. I am the Troll Whisperer.

And even if the ban gets applied that's not really a problem:
Only Microsoft (in Germany!) would then not be allowed to sell XBox360s to retailers any more.

But retailers can just buy the console in any other country in the EU (even from Microsoft) and sell it in Germany.

Vita HW- 30% down.

Even worse; Vita SW- 5,120.

The ENTIRE Vita library sold less than Fifa 12 for the PS3; a game released 6 months (nearly) before the Vita's launch.

Now is the problem clear, Sony?


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Stadelhuber said:
No, it is not banned.




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