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Forums - General Discussion - Mafia Round 43 - WipEout

Mafia Round 43 - WipEout

# Player 1 2 3 4 5 Allignment Anti-Grav-Racer Role
1 NoCtiS_NoX j0 --- --- --- --- TOWN EG-R Vanilla
2 Linkzmax noctis spurge wiibox --- --- TOWN EG-X Watcher
3 c03n3nj0 noctis spurge wiibox no vote mantle TOWN FEISAR Vanilla
4 radishhead wiibox spurge wiibox notstan --- TOWN AG-SYSTEMS Tracker
5 spurgeonryan noctis linkz --- --- --- TOWN TIGRON Vanilla
6 WiiBox3 linkz spurge radish --- --- MAFIA ASSEGAI Watcher-Immune
7 pezus no vote spurge no vote notstan prof 3RDP TRIAKIS Survivor
noctis linkz no vote no vote mantle MAFIA MIRAGE Janitor
9 theprof00 no vote spurge wiibox no vote mantle MAFIA PIR-HANA Tracker-Immune
10 Soleron no vote replaced by mantlepiecek TOWN HARIMAU Vanilla
11 NotStan noctis no vote no vote no vote --- TOWN PIRANHA Vanilla
12 Final-Fan noctis --- --- --- --- TOWN AURICOM Vanilla
13 Wonktonodi linkz radish --- --- --- TOWN QIREX Coroner
14 mantlepiecek ------ no vote radish stan mario has replaced Soleron


If not mentioned otherwise, general VGC-Mafia-Rules apply.

1. If it appears to me that someone did not read the rules or if someone is breaking the rules, his whole team will be punished by striping the entire team from every night action they might have.
2. A Day will last for 48 hours. This can be extended by a vote for time-extension (max. 24 hours per day). Hours during weekends will only count 1/2. This means that if a day starts at 18:00 Sunday (CEST), by 00:00 Monday (CEST) there will be 45 hours of the day left (instead of 42). Half hours will be rounded up. I will use CEST (Central European Summer Time) to determine the hours left.
3. For a time-extension at least 33% of the players will have to vote for it.
4. There will be no "NO LYNCH"s. Voting for "NO LYNCH" will force me to assume you did not read the rules, which means punishment as mentioned in 1. will be applied. There will be no warnings.
5. The day will end if one person has accumulated more than 50% of the votes. If the day ends in a draw, the one who has first reached the maximum amount of votes will be lynched, if the maximum amount was reached via "UNVOTE" the which was last unvoted will be lynched.
6. If there are no votes placed a random townie will crash and burn, power roles will be more likely to die this way.
7. Absolutely no talking during the night (night will only be declared by me)(unless your role allows it), if you post during the night in this thread, I will consider that you have not read the rules and punishment according to 1. will be applied. There will be no warnings.
8. If someone misbehaves, I will not hesitate to issue a warning, if you ignore a warning I will issue punishment according to 1.
9. Punishments are not arguable, I will consider severer punishment if someone tries to argue against/for a punishment. (striping the power roles for the rest of the game, instant lose)
10. All kinds of roleclaims will be considered a lie by me, and thus not punished in any way. (Same goes for PM-Quotation)
11. The following voting-formatings will be accepted:

VOTE: Player
Vote: Player
VOTE Player
Vote Player

Bolding the text is not a requirement, also unvoting is not necessary. Be informed that votes that are not in a seperate line will not be counted.
12. Do not post until I started the the game with a "DAY 1 START"

PMs came in the following format:

You are the pilot of a [AG-RACER]
You are a [ROLE]
Your goal is to get rid off all anti-town Racers

If you have any questions regarding your PM, please ask me via PM and not in the thread.

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Stefl1504's hands are trembling. It has been a long time since he has been this excited, the only thing he hears inside the cockpit of his GOTEKI 45 is the soft sound of the idling AG-Engine. Soon he will be gliding with nearly 900 km/h on the Track of Sol 2, roughly one kilometre above the island of Makana. The vehicle computer tells him with a robotic voice that the race will soon start. Readying his senses, he focuses on the monitor above the scratch line. One after another the numbers of the countdown appear on the screen. The moment the starting signal appears he hits the pedal to the metal and ranks in as 4th going into the first curve of the track...

Race 1 - Sol 2


Feel free to start posting :D

Day 1 will end Tuesday, ~16:00 CEST/14:00 UST/10:00 EDT

wow that was quick. Shit good job stefl.

also, all PMs should be sent out, please confirm that you received it with a short answer.

Tagging. Didn't expect it to start so soon. Should be fun to watch as audience for once.

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Got my PM. Maybe I read it, maybe I didn't! (I did)

I like the rules, promotes my kind of Mafia.

prof, why you gotta be scum man?

Am I going to have to actually read what you said last game to understand what you're referring to?

I didn't read much of the game, especially day 1. Just the big topics like prof trying to get house claims,(because I understood why) and Baalz claim.

You left no impression on me other than wondering why you would buy a second doctor when radish was hinting at or rumored to be a bodyguard.

Anyway enough dwelling on the past. If you're seriously accusing me of being scum then there's two options. You're the scum, and you're foolishly trying to make me look bad. Or you're town and wrong, but I don't think you have nearly enough experience with me to make such statements about my playstyle.

So which is it?

I'm here

Read the wiki page for my racing crew- I had no idea that Wipeout had an actual backstory for all their crews o.o

I'm not going to be here for most of today, so most of my posting will probably start tomorrow

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Oh, I had no idea you said that. I actually went a day one without reading my PM, and then mentioned I was going to do it again the next round. Then I caught a lot of flak about it, cus apparently only scum lie and say that they're not going to read it.(I was town)

So again, you don't have nearly enough experience with me to make such statements about my playstyle. And now you're accusing me of trying to shut you up by asking you a question? Please explain how that works.