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there will be new announcements for sure
its bussines strategy, dont worry folks

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Must bie or I die

- NSMB 2

Must buys

- Paper Mario
- Luigi's Mansion
- Kingdom Hearts


- Scribblenauts - thinking about Wii U version
- Castlevania - want a leveling system
- Warriors of Ruin
- Epic Mickey
- Fire Emblem

No buys

- Transformers

My favourite part of E3 was NSAF! I mean seriously, what does that tell you?

Smeags said:
forest-spirit said:

The first one was slow too. I guess they're staying true to the original.

If it was a homage to Magical Quest instead of Castle of Illusion, Rol would be all over it.

Still loyal to the SNES cause after all these years. I tip my hat to his conviction.

But seeing as I'm a Genesis man myself... I say bring it on!

I loved Castle of Illusion (despite being a SNES kid and despite the slower pace ) so I'll throw my money at it as soon as it arrives!

I still like E3 for its crazy moments. Also for the fun moments, like the pikmin intro this year.

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Byclop said:
there will be new announcements for sure
its bussines strategy, dont worry folks

I want to believe!

RedInker said:
My favourite part of E3 was NSAF! I mean seriously, what does that tell you?

That you're in the wrong hobby?

Action figure collection is a great one

Red4ADevil said:
Again I can't quote for some fucking reason.

I still think they can't end the rest of the year with no new announcements. It would just piss off fans even more. It would be painfull not just for us, but for them to wait til next E3 for new stuff,

E3 doesn't matter. TGS matters only slightly more, and less every year.

Nintendo will announce the games at their own pace. If you're following these conferences just for Nintendo announcements, you can ignore them now. All right?

Khuutra said:

That really was the best reaction I've seen on TV in several years. That whole scene was perfect


The first Lords of Shadow is kind of a 3-D interpretation of the original Castlevania formula, particularly drawing on influence from the first game and Super Castlevania. It's not a Metroidvania by any means, and though I think "God of Warvania" is a disengenuous label it's not entirely incorrect, either, since it's based primarily around combat and platforming, with exploration taking a serious back seat.

It completely abandons the existent Castlevania mythos and builds up its own story, which works to its benefit in a few ways. Namely, the story in Lords of Shadow is actually worth paying attention to if only for how intrinsically European it is; that understanding of the European fairy tales and folklore oozes out of every frame of the game, and the perspective behind the main conflicts of the game (both Gabriel's contrition and the big bad's doomplot) are extremely Catholic. These things aren't absolute goods, granted, but they're both well-handled and extremely refreshing in the context of a franchise which routinely mangles every piece of Western mythology it can get its hands on.

Remember how the first Castlevania was essentially one long homage to old Hammer horror movies? This game is the same way, only with video game culture. There's a whole section that's an homage to the first dungeon in Ocarina of Time, and there's a stunning number of obscure and obvious game references throughout.

The combat's solid, the acting is appropriate, the art direction and music are fantastic. Some of the bosses leave something to be desired, but others are great for a lot of reasons.

I liked it better than any God of War.

Didn't know you watched Korra. Great show. A little too fast-paced though: I wish they spaced a few things out a bit more. But that's about my only complaint. Hard to wait for the DVDs to come out...


And sorry for being unclear earlier: I meant plot-story. I've had you wax on about the game before, which is why I knew to come to you. As an aside, judging from what you just posted I'm guessing its Spanish origin kinda shines through, huh?

RedInker said:
My favourite part of E3 was NSAF! I mean seriously, what does that tell you?

Eh. You really don't wanna know that.