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Hmm maybe look for a job...but if anything ill be running and playing video games and then some more running.

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Playing many video games
Seeing many friends
Drinking many alcohols
Going to Canada for 2 weeks, not really sure what I'm gonna do there to be honest.
Getting my GCSE results

I promised myself I wouldn't do any drugs during the school year, so I'll be letting loose :P
Also, I'm getting a job, gotta save that money up for college next year

Well I guess I should share my plans. I finish finals next week. Currently looking for summer employment (honestly willing to work 2 jobs). Other than that I will be heading to LA for my 2nd E3. My friends and I will drive out of state to one of my friend's vacation home. Going to try and write and read a lot and continue studying Japanese.

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1. June 9 to July 15.
Going to Tampa, Florida, U.S.A, to some intensive english classes to improve my english and then take the TOEFL test.

2. July 16 - August 3.
Going to do the mandatory job that my school enforces, probably in a electric focused business.

3. Early August.
I'm in a church group, and every year, we do summer activities with children for a week, in a camp fashion.

4. Late August.
Going to a trip with some friends.

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Anyone else?

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My summer vacation begins on the 2nd week of June and my summer quarter for school begins the week after ya...

Gonna do what I've been doing + looking for a Job now I guess.


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I planning to learn how to surf. It's something I've always wanted to do it and I need to do it now before I get too old.

Brush up on math.
Start learning how to program.
Lots of BBQs.
Weekend road trips.
Work - of course.

Already got the summer started by going to Bay To Breakers last weekend as a Beastie Boy!

I have been BBQing for the last month now. But yesterday I picked up some cheap burgers in a box to cook up. The grease turned my gas grill into the pit of Hell! I could not open it, chicken and Bratwurst were baking like they were on the surface of the sun, and there was nothing I could do. Finally I turned the water on ( knowing full well that the Myth busters did the same thing) and sprayed the grill. After the initial explosion everything died down. My food was charred almost beyond repair, but at least the fire was quelmed. Funny, I thought quelmed was a word, but I am having trouble finding it even on google.

Welcome Summer!

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