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Forums - General Discussion - Mafia Round 39 - Resonance of Fate Arena

Mafia Round 39 - Resonance of Fate Arena

# Player Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day4 Allignment Item (held at death(end)/beginning)
1 supermario128
no lynch
no vote
Scanning Tool/Scanning Tool
Tornado Panzer
2 Linkzmax moreno
no vote
Pater Mask/Pater Mask
3 TruckOSaurus
4 morenoingrato no vote
Gremlin Blue
5 spurgeonryan
no vote
Gremlin Pink
radishhead no lynch
a gun/a gun
7 nen-suer
no lynch
no vote
a gun/---
Final-Fan moreno --- --- --- Town scrap zinc/--- Rowen
9 NoCtiS_NoX radish
no vote
no vote
Town Miller
corrupted wish/scrap zince
10 theprof00 moreno
---/fortune cookie
Soldier RO-AR
11 noname2200
no vote
12 RolStoppable moreno trucks nen --- Town ---/goldchip Garigliano
frankenfran /*prof*/ --- --- --- Town
???/goldchip Lagerfeld
  Result:  Lynch Moreno
 Lynch Trucks
 Lynch Nen
 Lynch Radish
Town wins after 4 Days!!!

Roles were assigned through a 1D12 rolling system linking roles with players!

Roles and Allignment are not neceserally linked. Roleclaims won't be punished.

General rules of VGC Mafia also apply to this game.

Daytime Vote: (thanks to Baalz once again)

Voting/Lynching will be based on a majority system.  Somebody needs to receive greater than 50% of the total votes in order to be lynched.  If 33% of the remaining players vote for a Time-limit there will be issued a ~24 hour time limit, valid as soon as the last necessary vote has been cast.  Any non votes will be eliminated from the count at the end of each day.  Understand that this means if there are 12 players, and only 9 voted by the end of the day, the 50% measure is based off of the 9 votes, not the 12 votes.

If a placed vote is invalid it will not be counted as a vote at the end of the day. Draws will end the day in a no lynch.

Special Rule:

Item Transition:

-at the beginning of the game a player may hold an item which grants him his nighttime ability
-if an item is usable, the player holding it, can only use it during the night, and only once every night
-items can be used countless times troughout the game unless its description states otherwise
-all items may be discarded at any time during daytime by a player unless its description states otherwise, giving him the opportunity to find another item that was previously discarded/lost/added to the item pool because of other reasons, he may find the previously discarded item again
-a player will not be notified which item he has found if he did not hold the item previously in the game
-each player has one inventory slot
-items are not faction/player bound, unless stated otherwise in the items description
-if certain conditions are met a player can find an item while he holds another one, picking up the found item will discard the previously held item
-if a player dies the description of the item he held at the beginning of the game will be made public
-"Itemclaims" won't be punished in any way
-Items will be found during twilight/dawn and everyone carrying no item will find one as long as there is an item in the item pool

Day 1:

Vote History:

theprof00 votes theprof00 > noname2200 votes Stefl1504 > TruckOSaurus votes theprof00 >
noname2200 votes theprof00 and unvotes Stefl1504 > supermario128 votes theprof00 >
spurgeonryan votes RolStoppable > spurgeonryan unvotes > Final-Fan votes theprof00 >
noname220 unvotes > morenoingrato votes theprof00 > Linkzmax votes theprof00 >
Linkzmax votes supermario128 and unvotes theprof00 > theprof00 unvotes >
NoCtiS_NoX votes radishhead > theprof00 votes radishhead >
TruckOSaurus votes radishhead and unvotes theprof00 > morenoingrato unvotes >
frankenfran votes theprof00 > final-fan unvotes > radish votes limelimit >
radish votes no lynch > final-fan votes spurgeonryan > NoCtiS_NoX pre-votes RolStoppable >
morenoingrato votes limelimit > FrankenFran left the Arena never to be seen again. >
RolStoppable joined the Arena on a quest for a huge monetary reward. > RolStoppable votes theprof00 >
linkzmax votes radishhead and unvotes supermario128 > RolStoppable votes limelimit >
NoCtiS_NoX votes radishhead > RolStoppable votes spurgeonryan and unvotes theprof00 >
theprof00 votes limelimit > theprof00 votes morenoingrato and unvotes radishhead >
RolStoppable votes NoCtiS_NoX and unvotes spurgeonryan > noname2200 votes no lynch
RolStoppable votes noname2200 and unvotes NoCtiS_NoX > Final-Fan votes moreno and unvotes spurgeonryan
RolStoppable votes morenoingrato and unvotes noname2200 > spurgeonryan votes morenoingrato
nen-suer votes no lynch > TruckOSaurus votes morenoingrato and unvotes radishhead >
noname2200 votes morenoingrato and unvotes no lynch > RolStoppable unvotes
linkzmax votes morenoingrato and unvotes radishhead > supermario128 votes no lynch and unvotes theprof00
RolStoppable votes theprof00 > RolStoppable votes morenoingrato and unvotes theprof00

Final Votals:

Lynchee L-6 L-5 L-4 L-3 L-2 L-1 Lynch
radishhead noctis

morenoingrato prof final-fan spurge
 trucks  noname  linkz rol
no lynch radish  nen-suer supermario

Day 2:


Lynchee L-5 L-4 L-3 L-2 L-1 Lynch
TruckOsaurus mario  radish  rol  noname  noctis  prof
supermario128 linkz  trucks nen    

Day 3:


Player l-4 l-3 l-2 l-1 lynch
supermario128 spurge        
nen-suer rol mario linkz radish prof

Vote History:

RolStoppable votes nen-suer > supermario128 votes nen-suer  > linkzmax votes nen-suer  > spurgeonryan votes linkzmax
spurgeonryan votes supermario128 and unvotes linkzmax > radishhead votes nen-suer > prof00 votes nen-suer

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Meat - This stuff is kind of useless. (Vanilla Item)
Goldchip - Its shiny, but it has no particular use. (Vanilla Item)


Major Characters:


Rowen - played by Final-Fan
Gremlin Blue - played by Morenoingrato
Garigliano - played by RolStoppable
Lagerfeld - played by Frankenfran


Leanne - played by nen-suer
Zephyr - played by TruckOSaurus

Minor Characters:

The Moderator (played by Stefl1504)
The Navigator (played by Stefl1504)
The Host
The Frogurt Vendor
A New Challenger (played by RolStoppable)
Bloody Pulp on Boots (played by RolStoppable)


Day 1 Flavour:

Hello and welcome to the Arena dear spectators!

Today we have interesting guests that will fight for a huge monetary reward!
Ussualy we don't allow teams in such a match, but hey, you never know what
people are planning when we don't keep our eyes at them!

Well, sadly I can't introduce our competitors since it will take all the suspence
out of this match! But maybe if someones life is lost I will be able to make an
obituary to the items they were carrying around... and if I am in the mood even
one for them. But maybe I shouldn't talk too much and just let the players have
their fun in our glorious ARENA!!!


First! And what an interesting twist.

Random vote: prof

What the hell?

That shouldnt be counted its not bolded

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That is odd, I guess I have to check Roles to see if I come up with something.

Lynchee L-6 L-5 L-4 L-3 L-2 L-1 Lynch
theprof00 prof            

Vote history:

theprof00 votes theprof00

Just to make it clear, the following formatings will be a counted vote: (replace ??? with the players name)

Vote: ???

Vote ???

Vote: ???

Vote ???

Vote: ???

Vote ???

VOTES HAVE TO BE IN A SEPERATE LINE WITH PADDING TO BE COUNTED! (because if there is no padding I can't guarantee I see it)

theprof00 said:
That shouldnt be counted its not bolded

Your face isn't bolded. Does that mean it shouldn't be counted?

Good news, I've already figured out the first mafia member. This post was written just under an hour ago as of my post. But this post was posted a measly 24 minutes ago. Like all scum, this person has knowledge of who his scumbuddies are, and was obviously utilizing that roughly half-hour period to coordinate with his fellow mafiosos. Too bad for him that he gave himself away!

Amateurs, I tell ya.

Anyhow, I urge everyone to join me and

Vote: Stefl1504

Oh! My dear spectators! Look at this! A player wants to get rid of me! Maybe I should hurry and hide, but I think I am safe from all those people down there in the arena fighting for their lives, and I am safe up here in my moderating chamber! Stop that, seriously! I want to have a good look at the fighting going on and I don't wanna be wounded and stuff!