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This is a great visuals game, i amazing that if you see it's not far from Sonic Generations, i can't tell how they have done that.

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The beginning of Planet Wisp was absolutely jaw dropping for a Wii game and looked fantastic in general

One thing that really pisses me off in HD games is why they don't use the extra power to make proper grass, I mean if Wii games like this and Xenoblade can pull it off rather beautifully, why can't they? I really noticed it when I was roaming Pulse (in FFXIII), would've been absolute perfection imo

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Sonic Colors I found might be one of the most underrated games on the Wii. Largely because of the series it belongs to is associated with bad games - but this game is actually a lot of fun.

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It's one of them. It also happens to be a very good game.

I think that Metroid Prime Corruption 3 is a game with fantastic graphics that hasn't been mentioned.

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TheKoreanGuy said:

Best looking game on Wii = SSBB

Honestly, I was never all that impressed by SSBB. I mean, I can see why others find it impressive (Good character models, optional AA, Havok physics, 60fps) but the environments rarely wowed me. It looks good, but not "one of the best on the system" material to my eyes. (Skyward Sword too)

I second metroid Prime 3 as a looker though, that game still looks great nearly 5 years on.

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Super Mario galaxy 1 and 2 followed by DKCR, that game just has very varied and detailed designs also its beatifully animated.

It does looks good, so Mario Galaxy 2. To me the most beatiful game was Xenoblade and Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles.
Altough to be fair, that game was mostly CGI but they were really stunning

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i was never really impressed by sonic colours' graphics. the first two levels look really great but i found some of the later levels uninspired and not really impressive. I think the two sonic games from the storybook team looked way better if you keep in mind their earlier launch.

In my opinon the best looking games on wii are obviously Super Mario Galaxy 2, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (very good light effects on this one) and Xenoblade Chronicles (mainly for the massive scale of the worlds).


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I wouldn't say it's the graphics king of the Wii, but it is up high on the list.