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I believe there are a few MIB fans here, so tada! (Edit: Added in the HD version at the bottom)

Sweet. Can't wait for that. Just re-watched the first one on Saturday.

Well, I liked the first two and the trailer made me laugh. I'm sold.

The second one was not good.

This looks like a real improvement. Please be true.

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I pretty much totally skipped the second one. You can see this same statement like two months ago as well.

As for the trailer I am actually excited to see this. Is it me or did Will Smith Age more than Tommy lee?

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The 2nd movie was just as funny/good as the first. I don't understand why anyone would skip.

no the 2nd was fukkin terrible...the first was such a classic and the 2nd was for MIB1 standards it was terrible...trailer looks good...huge Will Smith fan...hope its great...but i want Bad Boys 3 soooooooooooooo much more than MIB3...fukkin Michael Bay..


Looks great, will go to see it when it comes out :D.

And yes i agree the 2nd one was bad. But the first one is a classic :D.

I agree with the people that said that the first was good, but the 2nd wasn't. To be honest I think that the 2nd was rushed out there so hopefully this will be an improvement.

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