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What old franchise should Nintendo revive first on the Wii U?

Star Fox 220 47.31%
F-Zero 110 23.66%
Wave Race 29 6.24%
Top-Down Zelda 55 11.83%
Show me the results. 28 6.02%
Blacksaber said:
thekitchensink said:
I think we can now safely say the Assassin's Creed game is AC3, which was just announced.

Who knows, when you mix third parties and Nintendo most of the time you get odd results.

I know, it is AC3, a friend that works in Ubisoft confirmed to me they have the game already running on the console, no more details because of NDA.

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Dock for the Wii U Controller incoming?

Pavolink said:
DélioPT said:
IamAwsome said:
DélioPT said:
Thanks for the thread!
Hope this thread gets updated a lot! Which means lots of news!

Speaking of that, GDC is around the corner. Crossing my fingers for some news, videos... something!

They revealed a crapload of 3DS stuff at last year's GDC, and they said that we would get Wii U news before E3, so GDC absolutely HAS to be a place they tell us something.

Yeah, i think so too. Between GDC and a Nintendo Direct, i think GDC is the best way to show or talk about Wii U, because the media will be there as the rest of the industry and would be really good for Nintendo to have people see for themselves what a video can`t show.

On topic: according to GAF, there´s a rumor that Crytek might show something. Most likely an engine demo.

I'm expecting some tibbidts, but nothing big. We should better wait until the Financial Reasults Breafing in april's last week.

Didn`t even think of that! In April is where they normally reveal sales expectations for the fiscal year, right?
They will probably reveal a date and price at the briefing and better explain the online plans.

Well the Wii u was not 100% ready so we have to wait till this E3 to see what is in store for us. I hope to see some good stuff. Until then we are all just speculating as Nintendo is not one to leak or release into out to the public.

might be the first Nintendo System i own since the GameCube!
i just want it to be powerful and a nice price!

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Nice! I'm so glad Nintendo is ditching the wii mote for most games. At launch it felt great but later on games used it to replace buttons instead of doing something new. I hated needing to flip it around to attack and such when buttons could do the exact same thing.

I also don't care that much for Nintendo's first party games so I hope games get ported to Vita /PS3. This would allow me to enjoy games in this unique setup and buy a WiiU only once Nintendo has say Pikmin 3, Zelda, Mario, and more actually for sale. Doubt it will happen though lol.

IamAwsome said:


Dock for the Wii U Controller incoming?

I guess those are used to hold the controller in the gun adapter

Nice thread, btw.

Please excuse my bad English.

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I only want it to be barely higher than PS3/X360, display fluent 720P/1080P and thats all for the graphics side.

I want it to be cheap, anything higher than 350 dollars is expensive for just a gaming machine(i dont want it to be a multimedia device with BD,DVD,CD support, with NetFlix is enought).

Don't forget the Nintendo Network!

  • User accounts: Wii U will have individual user accounts, rather than one system-wide account.
  • NFC: Near Field Communication ("touch" data transmission from accessories, credit cards, etc... sort of like QR/Streetpass combined) will be built-in.
  • Online: Miyamoto: "Network has to have a totally new concept to be different."
  • Third parties: Several new, previously unconsidered alliances/partnerships with third parties.
  • Communities: You haven't seen the last of them!
  • Retail title downloads: 3DS and Wii U both support digital download of retail titles, but... they still aren't quite sure how to implement it just yet.
  • Item billing: "We should not decline third parties if they want to offer item billing" (paying to unlock content).
  • DLC: Still planning to offer DLC (possibly talking about their own software), but needs more time to complete its feasibility study on the market and its needs.
  • More sharing: "Digital will include user to user communications, competition and sharing"
  • Better-paced software + DLC: Nintendo has learnt that it shouldn't have stagnant periods between software launches: can fill the gap, and DLC can extend the life of a title.


Regarding the Wii U's power, take this with a grain of salt but a former Fench Journalist on GAF with second-hand info said the graphics fidelity on screen when the console is processing images on both the main screen and controller screen is 2x Xbox 360. He says this was mid development and that alot of graphical effects are added at the end of development so it can look better.

He also says some of the hardware components of the console are 4x- 5x 360 and that the system will have more than 1GB of RAM.

DélioPT said:

Didn`t even think of that! In April is where they normally reveal sales expectations for the fiscal year, right?
They will probably reveal a date and price at the briefing and better explain the online plans.

Right. Remember last year they announced the Wii succesor. Also, las quarter mentioned the Nintendo Network and Mario 2d for 3ds.

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